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Everyday Momentary Observations of Thoughts and Emotions (EMOTE)

The EMOTE Study (Everyday Momentary Observations of Thoughts and Emotions) uses innovative experience sampling technology to monitor sleep, mood and activity patterns over a 7 day period.

This study forms part of three separate PhD projects and aims to explore the relationships between mood changes and anxiety, mood management and circadian rhythms.

Participants will wear an activity watch and will be asked to record their mood in a short diary at random times each day for the 7 day study period. All participants taking part will receive personalised feedback on their own sleep, mood and activity patterns during the study week, plus 10 as a thank you for their time.

Participants will be individuals with a:

  • Diagnosis of bipolar disorder, or;
  • Diagnosis of fybromyalgia, or;
  • No mental health or chronic pain diagnosis.

For more information, please contact Faye Banks on f.banks@lancaster.ac.uk.

Get involved

We welcome interest from individuals who have experienced bipolar mood fluctuations, their relatives, friends, partners, carers as well as individuals who are interested in mental health research but have not experienced mental illness. Volunteers are vital for improving our understanding about the experience and management of Bipolar Disorder.

If you would like to find out more about Spectrum Centre research and get involved, visit Spectrum Connect.

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