NHS Trust References FAQ

Applicants who are offered a place on the programme will be required to provide two referees so that references can be sought by the employing trust. These do not need to be the same referees who were provided to the clearing house. The following guidance should be followed regarding these references.

Q: When do you contact referees for references?
A: Reference requests will only be sent to your named referees in the event that you are offered a place on the programme.

Q: Who should I put as a referee?
A: At least one of your references should come from your current employer.

Q: I am currently unemployed. Who should I put as a referee in the place of a current employer?
A: Please provide details for your last employer.

Q: I am currently a student and do not have a current employer. Who should I include as my referee?
A: You should provide details for your relevant tutor.

Q: What do I do if I have been in the current post only a few weeks?
A: If you have been in your current post less than three months then your second referee must be from your previous employer.

Q: What is the turnaround time for the NHS Trust references?
A: The formal offer cannot be made until we have 2 satisfactory references on NHS Trust reference forms. It is the applicants' responsibility to chase late references. You might want to let your referees know that this request will be coming so they can prioritise it. We will email the forms to facilitate a swift return.

Q: Can I nominate the same referees I provided to the Clearing House?
A: Yes, providing that one is a current employer.

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