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Applicants: Research

Research is an integral part of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Lancaster University.

Trainees on the programme complete a systematic literature review in their first year of study, a service related project (SRP) in the first and second years of study and a thesis in the second and third years of study.

Extensive support is given to trainees in terms of the development of research skills. It is also expected that trainees will assess their own level of competency and, with appropriate discussion with their supervisors and research tutors, take an active role in planning their own progression. At Lancaster the development of research skills is viewed as equally important to the development of clinical skills.

Trainees are encouraged to develop their own area of interest in terms of content and/or methodology throughout the course of training. The publication of research submitted for assessment is greatly encouraged and trainees are supported by the research team in developing their research for this purpose. Please see our comprehensive list of trainee publications.

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The Lancaster Course look to recruit you as a person and allow you the freedom and space to develop into the type of clinical psychologist you want to be

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