August 2012

Goodbye to the third years

The programme wishes a fond farewell to the current third years, most of whom are officially leaving at the end of August.

The programme hosted a leaving party for the year group and was pleased that so many of the third years were able to (figuratively) let their hair down, enjoy the programme’s hospitality and do some karaoke...

Says Clinical Director Anna Daiches: "We have so much enjoyed having the third years with us as part of the programme and wish them all the best in their careers. We are delighted as a programme that so many have been offered posts and for many these are the posts that they most wanted to secure."

Says third year trainee, Katy Flynn: "After three years of highs, lows, hard work and even some fun, our time on the course as the "2009 cohort" is now coming to an end. This ending would not have been complete without a weekend away in Ambleside and of course a final karaoke sing-along at our leaving do! I feel privileged to have been part of such a supportive, caring and inspiring year group and I look forward to celebrating with everybody again at graduation."

The 2009 intake, singing karaoke!

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Changes to stakeholder involvment

Significant  developments are forthcoming in the way that the programme involves stakeholders in its operational and strategic working.

The formal stakeholders' committee meetings which took place several times a year are to be replaced by an annual general meeting for stakeholders. The first one of these new meetings will take place on Thursday November 29th.

However, the programme is going to invite more direct involvement on a more regular, and hopefully more meaningful, basis.

Explains Clinical Director Anna Daiches: "Unfortunately the old-style stakeholder meetings were not working particularly well. Local clinicians found it difficult to get away from their work to attend and although we were grateful for those local clinicians and staff who did attend, the stakeholder meetings  ended up with more staff present than other stakeholders."

"This new structure will allow us to have one event which we hope more local stakeholders will be able to attend. We hope to make it a longer, more meaningful event with input relevant to service delivery and training."

"But in order to involve local stakeholders more in the actual running of the programme, we are inviting LUPIN members to attend the Management Committee and Exam Board and be part of the other working parties that we currently have, for example on admissions and selections and diversity. We have also local clinicians as Chair and Deputy Chair of the new Fitness to Practise panel. In this way we believe that we will be able to make greater use of stakeholders' time and expertise to benefit further the programme."

For more information on the annual stakeholder event, please contact Katherine Thackeray (

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Jane goes on sabbatical

The Programme's Research Director Jane Simpson is going on sabbatical from mid August. She will be using her year-long sabbatical to pursue her research into understanding the experiences of people with chronic illness.

Acting Research Director will be Dr Craig Murray, currently deputy Research Director, who will co-direct with Clinical Director Anna Daiches.

Says Jane: " I know part of me will miss being involved in the daily hustle and bustle of course life but it will also be great to have some time away to get back to doing my own research."

Au revoir!

Above: The team at a small surprise celebration for Jane. Au revoir!.

Third years present their thesis

Thesis presentation day in June gave the programme's current third years the opportunity to present the results of all their hard thesis work.

The day was attended by programme staff, the other year groups, LUPIN members and local clinicians and other academics from Lancaster.

One of the highlights of the day was a presentation by Professor Richard Bentall of Liverpool  University on the social origins of psychosis. Prof Bentall used a range of evidence to argue that the social origins of psychosis have been neglected in most approaches to understanding psychosis and that it is important for theoretical and clinical reasons for clinical psychologists and the wider mental health community to take this on board.

Says Research Director Jane Simpson: "It was a great day and I know the other year groups were inspired and impressed by the empirical work undertaken by the third years. We are also very grateful to Richard for coming and giving us  a fantastic talk."

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Thesis and SRP ideas welcomed

The programme will soon be about to embark on the next round of theses and service-related projects (SRPs).

Ideas for projects are welcome and should be sent to Sarah Heard, Research Coordinator, at

Says Jane Simpson, Research Director: "We are always very grateful to local clinicians, academics and service users for their contributions to all stages of the SRP and thesis. In the early stages of ideas we invite trainees to work with other stakeholders to produce clinically relevant and workable projects."

More information on the thesis and SRP can be obtained from Sarah or via the website: click here.

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Changes to the curriculum- what's the latest?

by Ian Smith, Senior Clinical Tutor

Since my 'FAQ' piece in the last newsletter things have really been moving ahead quickly with sorting out the new-style teaching programme for the coming year. Our strand teams have been working really hard with teachers to get everything arranged, both strategically and practically.

We have decided to book teaching in in two waves this year, and right now we are arranging teaching for the induction, child block, older adult / health / neuropsychology block, and the third year teaching. As I write this over 80% of the teaching (more than 90 teaching sessions) has been confirmed for the first half of the academic year for trainees in years one and two, and a small specialist 'crack squad' of staff is currently in discussion with the soon-to-be third years to try to ensure they get teaching that meets their needs really well. We will be issuing finished timetables in the next few weeks.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank-you to all the strand team staff who have worked long hours and at a great pace to get us where we are, as well as to all our teachers (old and new) who have been brilliant at getting back to us and working with us. It's been really great to see such enthusiasm, dedication and creativity being put to work to ensure we produce a teaching programme of the highest possible standard. We'll be booking in the second 'wave' of teaching sessions (for the adult mental health and learning disability blocks) this Autumn, so watch this space for more news on that too.

One of the unintended side-effects of the new system has been that external teachers have occasionally been contacted more than once independently by different strand teams who all want to make use of their myriad skills - if this has happened to you, please do let us know, and bear with us. It is a sign that you are being held in high regard in multiple areas of expertise!

As well as booking in teachers, we have begun to put together some more ideas for CPD workshops for teachers, to take place during the coming academic year, and more information on that will also follow soon. Meantime I'm still really happy to talk to anyone about the changes we're making, and you can call me on 01524 592282 or email me at

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We are moving soon

by Katherine Thackeray, Programme Administrator

The programme team and trainees are excited about moving to newly refurbished accommodation this Autumn, where we will finally all be together in one building. The new building will comprise of dedicated teaching space, a trainee computer room, staff offices, meeting area and our first ever clinical skills assessment room.  The 'Furness' building we're moving to is less than a minute walk from our current homes (the Whewell Building and Bowland Tower East) and easily accessible to visitors. We will be sending out full details of where to find us closer to the move, which is currently on schedule for October 2012.

Follow-up from visit

The programme has responded to the two conditions requested by the Health Professions Council (HPC) and British Psychological Society (BPS) following the visit in May.

Each organisation requested one condition a piece be met by the programme and these related to supervisor training and stakeholder involvement.

The full BPS report, together with the programme's eight commendations, can be accessed here.


Graduating year 2006

Gill, A. H., Papageorgiou, C., Gaskell, S. L., & Wells, A. (in press). Development and preliminary validation of the Thought Control Questionnaire-Adolescent Version (TCQ-A). Cognitive Therapy and Research.

Graduating year 2010

Keen, C., Murray, C., & Payne, S. (in press). A qualitative exploration of sensing the presence of the deceased following bereavement. Mortality.

Graduating year 2011

Lee, V., Simpson, J., & Froggatt, K. (in press). A narrative exploration of older people's transition into residential care. Aging and Mental Health.

Graduating year 2012

Gill, I. (in press). An identity theory perspective on how trainee clinical psychologists experience the death of a client by suicide. Training and Education in Professional Psychology.

Staff publications

Weatherhead, S., Newby, G., & Skirrow, P. (2012). Brain injury professionals' perspectives on risk assessment. Social Care and Neurodisability, 3, 77-88.


As far as we are aware the programme has just celebrated its first inhouse cultivated wedding. Naomi Brown and Steve Field met as part of the 2005 trainee cohort and have recently got married. The programme is delighted with this further demonstration of its commitment to team building and offers its warmest congratulations to Naomi and Steve. And didn't they both look wonderful?

Naomi and Steve


Coming Up...

Research Events

Autumn research seminar - Thursday 18th October, 12-1pm

It is with great pleasure that the programme can announce that the autumn research seminar will be given by Professor Peter Kinderman on 'Measuring and Improving National Wellbeing'. You are warmly invited to attend this event which will be from 12-1pm on Thursday 18th October; the venue will be confirmed in due course.

Professor Kinderman is the Head of the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at the University of Liverpool. He is interested in research in the areas of psychosis, psychological formulations and the interface between psychological theory and public policy. Professor Kinderman is a distinguished practitioner in the field of clinical psychology and his body of research is cited widely internationally.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, or would like more information, please contact Sarah Heard, or 01524 592754.



Introductory Supervisor Training- Lancaster University Conference Centre
Date: Wednesday, October 17th & Thursday, October 18th, 2012 and May 9th, 2013.
Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

If you would like further details, please contact Jen Whitfield at or on 01524 592972.

LUPIN (Public Involvement Group) Meetings

Meeting: Service user involvement on the Lancaster programme: an appreciative inquiry

Meeting for a service user involvement review and planning session, Thursday 20th September, 10am -12pm. More details to be announced at a later date.

LUPIN Steering Group meeting
Date: Friday, 5th October
Time: 10:30am-12:30pm Location: B9 Whewell Building, Lancaster University

LUPIN Research Subgroup meeting
Date: Friday, 5th October
Time: 1:30pm-3:30pm Location: B9 Whewell Building, Lancaster University

For further details, contact Jen Whitfield at or on 01524 592972.

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