April 2013

Stakeholder's Event... Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare

by Anna Daiches

Please join us at our inaugural Stakeholder's Event

On 12th June we invite you to join us in the charming surroundings of Forrest Hills to participate in our 2013 Stakeholder's Event. We are delighted that joining us on the day will be Penny Campling and John Ballatt. They will be facilitating a workshop based on their book - Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare.

Forrest Hills on the verge of the Trough of Bowland

There will also be an opportunity to:

  • Hear updates about developments in the programme - including exciting new international partnerships
  • Contribute ideas to help guide future developments in the course
  • Learn about the range of CPD opportunities available
  • Sign up to be involved in the course as an assessor, teacher, supervisor and/or policy group member

This is a free event with a sumptuous lunch provided - please join us and help to shape the future of clinical psychology training at Lancaster. For further information and/or to register your interest please contact Kirsten Smith - k.smith4@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 592972.

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Public Involvement Conference Report

by Richard Slinger

On the 19th March the course hosted a public involvement conference in the Gujarat Centre in Preston to promote and develop the involvement of members of the public and local organisations in the DClinPsy programme. Around 80 people attended including experts by experience/service users, local service providers, current LUPIN members, trainees and university and course staff. The programme for the day included presentations from our invited speakers, The National Youth Reference Group and clinical psychologist Rufus May, as well as from current LUPIN members, trainees and staff.

Rufus May

The conference was opened by clinical director Anna Daiches who expressed her hopes for the day and also for public involvement in the course more widely. This was followed by an introduction given by Rufus May, who is well known for his community approaches to mental health and wellbeing. He went on to provided insightful commentary throughout the day, encouraging us to think about hierarchy and power and more creative and individual ways of working with people, giving examples from his current clinical practice. We were also very fortunate to have young people from The National Youth Reference Group give a presentation and thought-provoking workshop. They are a group of young people who are or have been homeless who advise local and national government about young people's issues. Three of the group spoke very movingly about their personal life experiences and about factors that contribute to wellbeing for young people and many people approached them in the lunch break to draw on their expertise.

Mariam Ahmed from the National Youth Reference Group

As a course we also took the opportunity to promote our current service user involvement (LUPIN) and to invite new members to join us. Richard Slinger gave an overview of LUPIN and trainees Toni Deavin and Ruth Elsdon reflected on their experiences of having LUPIN's involement in their training (and where they would like more!). Keith Holt and Neil Caton from LUPIN shared with us their personal journeys and also about their involvement with LUPIN and several other LUPIN members took part in a question and answer session at the end, in which we thought with the assembled group how we might improve our service user involvement. Overall, it was an inspiring day, with the opportunities to make new links with local people and services and we hope it will help us develop LUPIN over the coming months.

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Uganda - A Scoping Visit

by Jenny Davies

In January this year I was lucky enough to get on a plane destined for Uganda. With me I carried hope, wondering, nervousness, excitement... and no luggage (Amsterdam laid claim to that for most of my stay). My mission was to explore the potential opportunities for developing international links. I lived and worked in Uganda fifteen years ago so this journey had particular meaning for me and I was curious to see if and how things had changed.

Jenny Davies in Uganda

When I arrived I was greeted by two wonderful men, Jo and Eddie, who are part of Heartsounds Uganda, a peer support group of mental health service users. They had borrowed a car and drove me back to Kampala and the bustling, beeping streets where I welcomed the assault on my senses of fresh and not so fresh food, dust, heat and noise... Read more about Jenny's experiences in Uganda and the fascinating people she met

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Bangladeshi scholarships

by Ben Harper

The programme is pleased to announce that we have obtained two scholarships from the Nasirullah Foundation to deliver training for the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Dhaka.

The foundation has specific funding dedicated to raise awareness of mental health problems in Bangladesh and promote the efficacy of psychological therapies. Ben Harper, Clinical Tutor within the DClinPsy and Programme Director of IAPT is leading on this project and intends to visit Bangladesh in August and November.

The University of Dhaka in Bangladesh

Ben aims to work with colleagues at the University of Dhaka to begin to think about ideas to increase access to psychological therapy within Bangladesh via in-direct methods (e.g. clinical supervision and psychological consultation) and the development of training for other professionals to deliver psychological therapy under the supervision of clinical psychologists.

Ben reported "I feel very privileged to be invited to join our colleagues in Dhaka to begin to think about raising awareness of the benefits of psychological thinking for people with mental health difficulties. I am particularly excited about the prospect of learning about community based projects in Bangladesh that enhance wellbeing and hope to apply these ideas within my own practice".

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The Written Task Day

by Anna Daiches

The 26th February was milestone date for the programme as we welcomed 427 eager applicants onto campus to sit the written task. Making attempts to learn from past mistakes, as is our hope each year, we booked out the Great Hall for the whole day and scheduled three sittings of 130 people to take the 2013 test as a pen and paper 'exam' (those who needed extra time took the test at a different venue). Once the booking was made the planning and preparation began in earnest and our courageous admin team led the way in a logistical operation of awesome proportions. These logistics included bussing people in from Lancaster railway station in order to avoid an en masse arrival with the resultant lack of parking space and Great Hall finding challenges.

The station team in action on written task day

There is not enough room in this brief article to share every detail of the endeavour but I will offer you some highlights. Seven separate teams operated on the day and it is only right to salute them all, so, well done Station Team, Agile Team, Great Hall Team, Car Park team, Chaplaincy Centre Team, Logistics Team and Furness Team. Each team comprised a collective of staff and trainees and it was great to experience how well we all worked together on a joint task of this magnitude. It has been suggested that the lure of clipboards, megaphones and the chance to wear luminous tabards is what enticed so many staff and trainees to volunteer to take part - but, as yet, there is no hard evidence to support this. Although I cannot attest to the pleasantness of the experience for applicants, the day went exceptionally smoothly from an organisational perspective and all the teams worked hard to be friendly and facilitative. A big thank you to everyone involved.

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Admissions Update

by Anna Daiches

The onerous task of marking the written test has been completed and those individuals with the top 70 marks have been invited to interview. As two 2012 applicants deferred their interviews for a year a total of 72 people have been invited to our selections week, 21st - 23rd May, at Lancaster House Hotel. As we consistently seek to improve our selections process we undertook a thorough review of last year's procedure and, as a result, have introduced some significant changes this time round. These include a change in the presentation title, an update of the competency framework and an introduction of a number of new interview questions.

We have already hosted two well attended training days for those interested in being involved as selectors (6th and 28th March) and will soon be circulating draft timetables to panel members. It is always positive to see LUPIN members, local clinicians, trainees and course staff working together throughout the selections process.

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Thesis Presentation Day and Research Seminar

by Fiona Eccles

We're pleased to announce that the thesis presentation day and summer research seminar is taking place this year on Monday 10th June 2013. This will be a great opportunity to hear about the research which has been undertaken by the current 3rd year trainees and is also a good time to begin thinking about ideas for future research collaborations between the course and local clinicians and services.

Professor Bridget Young from the University of Liverpool

We are also delighted to welcome Professor Bridget Young from the University of Liverpool who is giving our summer research seminar as part of the day. Her talk is entitled "What constitutes a supportive relationship in medical care? Lessons from a qualitative study of parents of children with cancer". In this talk Professor Young will report on her qualitative study which investigates how emotional support is provided by oncologists from the perspective of parents of children with leukaemia. In particular she explores whether emotional support was accomplished in the way that communication guidelines suggest, and what parents want or expect regarding emotional support from their consultations with oncologists.

If you are interested in attending all, or part of the day, or would like more information then please contact Christina Pedder, c.pedder@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 593378.

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NHS Leadership Academy filming with LUPIN

by Julia Pilling

Three members of LUPIN travelled to London in January to take part in filming with the NHS Leadership Academy. Julia Pilling, David Britt and Bill Ryder were interviewed for the patient film clips which will form part of the Edward Jenner leadership training programme, an interactive and patient focused leadership learning resource for healthcare staff. They discussed both their experiences as NHS patients and their involvement in LUPIN in the film, which will be included in the resource for healthcare staff to learn about patient needs. The training package includes interviews with clinicians, patients and actors role playing patient experiences within the NHS.

LUPIN members also met with Anna van der Gaag, Chair of the HCPC, to discuss the issues being raised. Anna was particularly interested in the way in which service user involvement has been developed through LUPIN.

In March, Julia attended a Celebration Reception and demonstration of the 'Edward Jenner programme at the Academy's London offices, which was held to thank those involved in the production of the resource.

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Advanced Supervisor Training

by Jenny Davies

As many of you know during the HCPC approval visit in May 2012 we received just one condition - to ensure that our experienced supervisors accessed supervisor training regularly i.e. at least every five years. This fitted with our hopes and aims on the programme to offer our supervisors a programme of events that they wanted to, and could, attend and that enhanced their practice. It also added that little bit of impetus to do this promptly!

Well, we can now report back. Since this visit there have been five supervisor workshops for our experienced supervisors with record attendance and positive feedback. Two of these were offered as part of the North West supervisor training programme (Group Supervision & Attachment in Supervision at Liverpool and Giving Feedback at Manchester). A third workshop was run with the Manchester programme for a child psychology directorate, again focussed on Attachment and the Supervisory Relationship, and two further events 'Refreshing Supervision' took place at the beautiful location of Forrest Hills, near Lancaster.

We are delighted to say that the response to these events has been overwhelmingly positive with supervisors sharing their ideas about what they would like to see covered in such events and really committing the time to this opportunity for CPD. This has meant that during the period of October 2012 to March 2013 we moved from 60% to 97% of our supervisors having attended supervisor training in the last five years. Fantastic *virtual high fives all round*! Thank you to all who have contributed to and attended these events. The days themselves have been a joy to facilitate and a real learning and sharing opportunity for us all. I leave you with a few of the feedback comments:

"Thanks for a fantastic day away from the chaos, I learnt loads."

"I probably shouldn’t say this - but - I was really not looking forward to today - and I have really enjoyed it - been inspired!"

"Thank you for a useful day. Really pleased to see support for more experienced supervisors for my own CPD."

"An excellent day! I do think that the content reviewed will impact on my supervision practice."

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My experiences of joining the DClinPsy programme

by Helena Rose

When I was asked to write this, it was difficult to avoid making comparisons between starting "The Course" as a trainee, and coming back to start again as a clinical tutor (so I'm just going to make them because it makes sense to me).

Some of the familiar challenges have included trying to work things out that I might never have done before (hoping that - and then finding that - it wasn't a silly question after all), sometimes feeling "in at the deep end" but never totally "out at sea", and that "kind of wishing that you didn't know what you don't know because now you realise how much you've still got to find out" feeling! Likewise, the fact that assessment and evaluation are an expected and necessary part of the landscape here has invited me to question my own clinical practice and approach to things more scrupulously than ever before (which can be both daunting and invigorating at the same time).

On the other side of the coin, I've felt welcomed and cared about (by staff and trainees alike), I'm enjoying being alongside our trainees on a journey we're on together, and I get the sense that I'm part of something bigger and more ambitious than I was ever aware of when I was training (which is probably because I had quite enough going on back then...).

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IAPT 12 month programme update

by Ben Harper

The Lancaster clinical psychology programme began to manage the IAPT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) training programme in March 2013. The programme has undergone significant transformation in the past 12 months including a full change in clinical tutor staff and major curriculum developments.

The programme is led by Ben Harper (Programme Director) and the majority of the teaching is delivered by the three clinical tutors, Dr Christine Blincoe, Dr Jan Fusekova and Dr Yuko Takeda. The curriculum now includes almost double the recommended teaching and clinical supervision hours.

Ben Harper has been in post as Programme Director for approximately 10 months and reported "I've had a busy but enjoyable 10 months in post! Some of the highlights for me include the appointment of a fantastic group of experienced clinical tutors who have really shaped the programme and made changes to the overall curriculum delivery. We have changed the curriculum to reflect an emphasis on formulation rather than diagnosis and also included non-IAPT protocol topics such as working with people with learning disabilities and older adults. We were delighted to have these changes approved by the British Associated for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and have our Level 2 accreditation extended for the next 4 years".

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When the Personal and Professional Collide - Update

by Ste Weatherhead

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes, positive vibes, and donations for the charity event I did recently. All were very much appreciated. The emails and tweets I received were especially kind, thank you.

I started the day at 6.30am. The kayak section was cold and windy. It took a really long time, but strangers walking along the towpath offered waves, and supportive comments. The bike ride was great fun (despite punctures) and by the time I set off for the run section, I was in great spirits as I was nearly home (well 13 miles away). I got home at 1am, feeling great and filled with a sense of connectivity with everyone who supported me. Sincere thanks.

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Mentoring Scheme Update

by Emma Hickey

Over the past year we have been reviewing and updating the Mentoring Scheme (formerly known as the Personal Tutor system). As part of this we have:

  • Reviewed trainees' wishes and needs in relation to Mentoring
  • Developed "Getting Started with Mentoring" guidance
  • Developed Mentee and Mentor narratives with the aim of helping prospective mentees and mentors consider what mentoring can offer them
  • Updated the Mentor Proforma
  • Provided a Mentoring Scheme re-launch event for trainees (mentees) and mentors

We have also added a Mentoring section on the website. This provides you with an easy way to access information regarding the Mentoring Scheme. Our next steps are:

  • Mentoring Scheme Administrator: We are delighted to announce that Katy Flynn has recently agreed to take on this role. This means that Christina Pedder will be able to free up time to focus on her many other responsibilities. We will be in touch to let you know when Christina formally hands over to Katy; in the meantime please continue to contact Christina when you have identified a mentor or have completed a mentor proforma
  • Mentoring Scheme Evaluator: Katy Flynn will also be conducting an evaluation of the Mentoring Scheme; this will help us determine ways in which we can improve and develop the scheme. Please expect to hear from Katy later this year regarding your experience and view of the Mentoring Scheme

We would like to thank all of you who offer your time as a mentor to trainee clinical psychologists. We know that many, if not all of you, are in posts that are highly demanding. We are therefore highly appreciative of the fact that you find time to support trainees in this way. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding mentoring please get in touch at e.hickey@lancaster.ac.uk

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Payment Changes

by Katherine Thackeray

If you are one of our valued teachers or markers, please note that the university has changed its finance procedures, meaning that fees for the work that you do for us are claimed differently and that the paperwork for the claims must be done ahead of the work - payment can no longer be made retrospectively. If you are due to teach or mark for us, we will send you all the details shortly.

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Coming Up...

Selections Training (Catch Up Event)
Date: Wednesday 8th May 2013
Time: 11.30am-1.00pm
Location: Lancaster University
Contact: Kirsten Smith, k.smith4@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 592972

Critical Review Training
Date: Wednesday 15th May 2013
Time: 9.00am-1.00pm
Location: Barton Grange Hotel, 746-768 Garstang Road, Preston, PR3 5AA
Contact: Kirsten Smith, k.smith4@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 592972

Admissions Interviews
Date: Tuesday 21st - Thursday 23rd May 2013
Time: 9.30am-5.00pm
Location: Lancaster House Hotel
Contact: Katherine Thackeray, k.thackeray@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 592972

Thesis Presentation Day & Research Seminar
Date: Monday 10th June 2013
Time: 10.00pm-5.00pm
Location: Conference Centre, Lancaster University
Contact: Christina Pedder, c.pedder@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 593378

Stakeholder's Event... Intelligent Kindness: Reforming the Culture of Healthcare
Date: Wednesday 12th June 2013
Time: 9.30am-5.00pm
Location: Forrest Hills, Hazelrigg Lane, Ellel, Lancashire, LA2 0PL
Contact: Kirsten Smith, k.smith4@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 592972

Clinical Case Presentation Days
Date: Thursday 11th July & Monday 15th July 2013
Time: 9.30am-4.30pm
Location: Bowland North, Seminar Room 6 (Thurs) / Management School, Lecture Theatre 4 (Mon) - Lancaster University
Contact: Christina Pedder, c.pedder@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 593378 before Friday 28th June

LUPIN Steering Group
Date: Thursday 25th July 2013
Time: 10.00am-12.00pm
Location: John Welch Room, University House - Lancaster University
Contact: Christina Pedder, c.pedder@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 593378 before Friday 28th June

LUPIN Research
Date: Thursday 25th July 2013
Time: 13.00pm-14.00pm
Location: John Welch Room, University House - Lancaster University
Contact: Christina Pedder, c.pedder@lancaster.ac.uk or 01524 593378 before Friday 28th June

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