On the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programme we have a commitment to promoting equality and diversity.

We encourage our trainees to think about and explore issues of diversity and difference, and learning from the perspectives of people who have used Clinical Psychology services, or who have an interest in mental health services, is one way to achieve this.

The Lancaster University Public Involvement Network (LUPIN) is open to all, whether you have used clinical psychology services yourself, or know someone who has, or if you have an interest in increasing public involvement within clinical psychology training. We welcome the involvement of people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability.

LUPIN is currently a diverse group, with people who have used mental health services, care for those who use services, or have an interest in mental health professional training. However, we also recognise that there is scope for increasing diversity in the group so that we can represent a broader range of people within our society. We are always looking for new members, and guarantee a friendly welcome to new people at our meetings.

The amount of involvement with LUPIN and the programme is a personal choice, and there are no expectations or rules around how much time people need to commit or which activities people should be involved in.