Our work so far

To date, LUPIN members have been involved in a range of activities on the programme.


Over the years, we have had regular service user involvement in teaching sessions to trainees. The work of LUPIN aims to build on this to increase service user input and make it occur in the majority of teaching sessions.

LUPIN members have contributed to teaching sessions on the programme over the last couple of years. During the induction teaching programme for new trainees we provide a half day session to help them learn about the work of LUPIN and discuss their hopes for service user involvement during their training.

LUPIN members have also contributed to our professional issues teaching curriculum, providing a service user perspective on issues and dilemmas that are brought by trainees for discussion.


Over the last few years, LUPIN members have contributed to the selection of trainees, through a specific assessment of interpersonal skills.

In 2010, LUPIN involvement was developed so that members now contribute to all interview panels during the selection process, and act as equal partners to clinical psychologists in the appointment process.

Programme Processes and Policies

LUPIN members attend the programme stakeholders' committee. This committee is made up of course staff, and external stakeholders and acts in an advisory capacity to the programme.

The LUPIN Learning Resource Group has produced a set of guidelines for teachers on the programme to help facilitate the involvement of service users/carers and LUPIN members in teaching sessions.

Future Work

Through the work of the planned Research Support Placement Support Subgroups, we hope to work alongside trainees in helping develop their research ideas, as well as help facilitate methods of gaining service user feedback to trainees on placement.

We also aim to evaluate the impact of LUPIN, and service user involvement more generally, on the programme. We are always interested in the views of service users who have contributed to the work of the programme and welcome your feedback, either verbally to programme staff, at a LUPIN meeting, or through our feedback form.