Personal support

We believe that every reasonable adjustment needs to be made for those who are disabled in any way by society in order for them to participate in LUPIN and DClinPsy programme activities.

For example, we will always hold our meetings in buildings which are accessible for people with physical disabilities, aids can be provided for people with hearing impairments, and we will try to provide documents in a format that is accessible and readable.

Travel expenses and refreshments will always be provided to people attending meetings, and regular breaks are scheduled into longer meetings. We will try, when possible, to arrange meetings in venues accessible by public transport and will help to arrange access via taxis when this is not fully possible. We will also try to make sure that meetings are arranged for days of the week and times of the day that are most convenient for people to attend.

The amount of involvement in LUPIN and programme activities is entirely a personal choice. For people who have used or have experience of mental health services, the level of detail about your personal history or 'story' expected to be shared with other LUPIN members, trainees or programme staff is also entirely a personal choice.

You are free to contribute or withdraw from LUPIN or DClinPsy programme activities as you choose, and there is no expectation of how much time people need to commit. You are welcome to bring along friends or family for support to meetings, or alternatively members of LUPIN are happy to be contacted for support or advice around participating in meetings or activities on the programme.