We aim to encourage trainees to consider service user, carer and public perspectives when designing, carrying out, and disseminating their research. The recently established LUPIN Research Support Subgroup aims to contribute to this process either through the direct expertise of members or by facilitating contact with other groups. Recently members of LUPIN (and other service users) have been advisors to trainee projects and helped with creating interview schedules, checking participant information sheets and accessing participants. Trainees are now being encouraged to make contact with LUPIN members and other service user groups early in the process of designing and planning their research and this year we hope to have further teaching sessions to facilitate this process. We are also hoping to extend the role of LUPIN members to include generating ideas for projects, so that trainee research may more fully reflect the concerns of those who use services as well as those who provide them.

The LUPIN Research Support Subgroup is always looking for new members and we welcome contact from members of the public or from services who share our interest in public involvement. You don't have to be a "research expert" to be involved as we will provide support and training. Details of how to get involved can be found here.

Research Seminars

Each year the programme organises a research seminar series where guest speakers deliver presentations on topics related to clinical psychology. This seminar series has been well attended by members of LUPIN in the past and we hope that this will continue. For more information please contact Jen Whitfield for details of the research seminar series.