Teaching & Curriculum

The programme and LUPIN aim to increase the amount and quality of service user and carer involvement in trainee learning opportunities. A key way to achieve this is to involve service users and carers in the planning and delivery of teaching sessions delievered to trainees. Whilst this does currently happen within a number of our existing sessions, it does not occur consistently. We hope to move to a situation where service user representation in teaching is the norm.

To this end, LUPIN, in conjunction with programme staff, have produced guidelines to help guide and facilitate this process. As a current or prospective teacher on the programme you are free to decide how to achieve this aim; LUPIN members are willing to be involved at whatever level seems most appropriate (from preliminary discussions with yourself, to supporting service users you may have identified, up to joining teachers to jointly deliver sessions).

Teaching Database

We want LUPIN to be a resource for teachers on the programme, and to this end we have a database of experiences, knowledge and skills that LUPIN members could use to contribute to teaching to trainees. This database is held by programme staff, and can be consulted, on request, by external teachers on the programme to facilitate planning service user involvement in a teaching session.