Research projects

These pages contain information about research projects currently being run by trainees on the Lancaster DClinPsy programme.

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Exploring wellbeing and involvement in the rehabilitative care of a partner with limb loss

Research led by Kate Empson

Experiences of providing peer-support to individuals who have an amputation

Research led by Laura Richardson

Clinical psychologists' experiences of exploring and addressing 'context' in formulation and intervention

Research led by Heather Spankie

Understandings of psychological difficulties in Huntington's disease and expectations of psychological therapy

Research led by Rachael Theed

What are relatives' experiences of supporting a family member receiving electroconvulsive therapy? A qualitative exploration

Research led by Kerry Irving

The views of people with Huntington's disease on assisted dying: A qualitative study

Research led by Laurence Regan

Exploring the relationship between prosthesis use and thoughts about amputation

Research led by Nic Burden

Understanding voice hearers' ideas about themselves and their voices

Research led by Kelly Price

What are partners' experiences of living with someone who has a chronic pain condition?

Research led by Laura Smith

The Experience and Decision-Making Process of Women with Low to Medium Risk of Contralateral Breast Cancer who Have Chosen to Undergo a Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy (CPM)

Research led by Fehmida Patel

Completed research projects