Our vision statement says "We have a commitment to promoting equality and diversity and we encourage trainees' and teachers' exploration around issues of diversity and difference" but this doesn't quite capture the core value. This emerged at a staff training day when we agreed on embracing diversity amongst all our staff and trainees, welcoming the positive tension which arises from stating issues of difference openly and using this tension as a creative force.

We pride ourselves on implementing new and fairer programme processes e.g. during selection.  Honouring the contributions of all and tolerating disagreement improves results.  We are all aware that we represent diversity to other people whilst we work towards a common aim – preparing the next generation of clinical psychologists to work effectively with the diverse UK population.

Over the past year we have been working hard to raise the profile of diversity as an issue throughout the DClinPsy.  The trainees have been an important part of this process.  For example, the 2008 intake arranged and facilitated a conference style event for the new first years in September 2010.  This went very well and we now plan to make it an annual event.

At the staff training event we committed ourselves to ensuring that all programme procedures, paperwork etc supported the diversity agenda.  We have a particular concern about improving all our teaching sessions so that diversity issues pervade each session.  We are in the process of reviewing the taught and experiential diversity curriculum.    The newly formed Widening Partcipation sub group of the Diversity Working Party has been generating publicity materials and scoping the actions needed to encourage school children in the North West to consider clinical psychology as a career, regardless of whether this career path is outside their usual expectations.