Research is an integral part of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Lancaster University.

You will receive extensive support in terms of the development of research skills. It is also expected that you assess your own level of competency and, with appropriate discussion with supervisors and your research tutor, take an active role in planning your own progression. At Lancaster the development of research skills is viewed as equally important to the development of clinical skills.

Throughout the course of training you are encouraged to develop your own area of interest in terms of content and/or methodology. The publication of the research you submit for assessment is greatly encouraged and you will be supported by the research team in developing your research for this purpose.

During my three years on the Lancaster DClinPsy course I have learnt a great deal from the research activities which form a considerable part of the training process. At times these activities have felt challenging, particularly in the first year, when I was still trying to work out what was expected of me. However, throughout the course I have found the research team to be extremely knowledgeable about both quantitative and qualitative approaches and there has always been lots of support from the course staff and from my peers.

Through training I have been given the opportunity to pursue my own research interests. This has allowed me to develop a good knowledge base in an area which is applicable to my elective placement and preferred area of work once qualified. In addition, I have valued the opportunity to be the lead investigator at every stage of the research studies I have conducted, whilst still being supported by the research team. This has allowed me to gain skills such as developing research ideas, research design, gaining ethical approval, data collection and analysis, and preparing papers for publication. I feel that these are vital skills for a qualified clinical psychologist and skills which will enable me to continue carrying out research once I leave the course.