Professor Lucy Suchman


Current Teaching

SOCL406 Feminist Technoscience Studies: Care Matters (Summer term)

Vicky Singleton, Celia Roberts and Lucy Suchman

Delivered as a 4 day intensive summer school, this course introduces you to the world of feminist technoscience studies. Our course theme this year is 'Care Matters'. Through a mixture of interactive workshops, lectures, film screenings and excursions, we will explore the ways in which feminists have engaged with questions of care, love, and the materialities of bodies and technologies. What counts as care? Do we have obligations to care for and about people, things and worlds? How do we research and do politics around practices of care and lack of caring? The course is delivered by a group of tutors and guest lecturers and will involve shared sessions with students from Manchester University's Sexuality Summer School.

FASS 513 Approaches to Qualitative Analysis: A workshop for 2nd and 3rd year PGRs (Summer term)

Previously taught:

SOCL210 Virtual Cultures: an undergraduate course that explores new information and communications media, including the progressive expansion of life online, and the increasingly intimate relations between life online and off.

SOCL908 Anthropology of Cybercultures: a postgraduate course on the social history, cultural and material qualities of digital artefacts, their place in professional and popular discourses, and practices of their design and use.

SOCL208 Gender, Sexuality and Society: an undergraduate course on contemporary issues considered through the lens of feminist research.

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