Professor Anne-Marie Fortier


Current Teaching

  • SOCL 208 Women in Society (Undergraduate)
  • SOCL 243 Race Relations and Social Change (Undergraduate)
  • SOCL 310 Nation, Migration, Multiculturalism (Undergraduate)
  • SOCL 929 Multicultural Societies (Postgraduate)
  • SOCL 938/FASS 529 Key Thinkers in Feminist Poststructuralist Thought (Postgraduate)
  • SOCL 939/FASS 530 Undertaking and Completing a PhD in Gender and Women's Studies
  • GWS 403 Feminist Media and Cultural Theory

Current doctoral supervision:

Sarah Becklake - The Making of 'Destino Guatemala'. The Politics and Embodiment of 'Global Tourism Competition' in La Antigua, Guatemala

Shona Legaspi - post-war Polish migrants in the Lancaster area.

Ana Bê Pereira - research topic: everyday experiences of people living with a chronic illness in England and Portugal

Sabrina Squires - research topic: class and sexuality in GLBT cultures and politics

Hasan Yilmaz - internal migration, community, religion and identity in Turkey.

Past doctoral supervision/postdoctoral mentoring

Mia FalovNeighbourhood Regeneration and Social Exclusion in Denmark and England

Michaela Fay Internationalisms: Feminism, Mobility, Belonging: Exploring the International Women's University 'Technology and Culture'

Jennie Germann Molz Destination World: Performing the Self and the Global in Round-the-World Travel Narratives

Elisabeth Grindel - Temporary Sojours in the Periphery. Spouses of International Students in Lancaster, United Kingdom

Nina Held - research topic: race, sexuality and space in lesbian bars

Joyce Hsiu-Yeh Journey to the West: Traveling, Learning and Consuming Englishness

Adi Kuntsman Violent belongings: Russian-speaking GLBT immigrants in Israel

Chun-Yu Lin - 'From Strangers to Spouses'? International Marriage Immigrants in Taiwan

Leon Moosavi Defying Gravity: 'Race', Islamophobia and Belonging in the Experiences of Muslim Convverts in Britain

Elisavet Pakis Playing in the Dark: Performing (Im)possible Lesbian Subjects

Muzeyyen Pandir - Orientalism in the European Union: A Critical Analysis of EU narratives on the EU, Europe and Turkey

Lewis Turner Passing and crossing; an ethnography of gender transitions

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