Dr Katrina Petersen

Research Associate

Research Overview

Katrina Petersen received her PhD in 2014 from University of California, San Diego in Communication and Science Studies. Her main research has been on disaster maps as communication tools, examining how knowledge of a disaster and risk is connected to what goes into visually representing them. She is especially interested in why some representations encourage shared understandings shared between groups while others impede collaboration. She also is interseted in the relationship been environmental imaging technologies, scientific models, and cultural understandings of lived space. In the course of her research, she has worked as a disaster response volunteer for the San Diego chapter of the American Red Cross, both as a government liaison and as a disaster mapper.

Digital urbanism in crises: a hopeful monster?
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

All together now: collective intelligence for computer-supported collective action
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Designing with users: co-design for innovation in emergency technologies
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Technology in disaster response and management: narratives of ethical, legal, and social issues
Petersen, K., Buscher, M. 24/05/2015
Other chapter contribution