Dr Nicola Spurling

Lecturer in The Theory and Methods of Social Futures

Research Overview

CURRENT TEACHINGSOCL 200 Understanding Social Thought

SOCL 315 Sociology of the Future

SOCL 919 Research Projects in Practice: From Design to Dissemination


My current research focusses on the potential contributions of theories of practice to futures thinking. In previous projects I have explored how working lives, daily lives and everyday mobility have changed since 1950, and the role of infrastructures, institututions and individual lives in such processes. At present I am interested in the insights that such analyses offer to futures thinking in domains of energy and travel demand, and the future university.

I have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Masters & PhD in Sociology, and my research interests continue to span the social sciences. Much of my research is characterised by innovative methodology, combining historical and contemporary work to study change across temporal and spatial scales.

If you are interested in finding out more then visit http://www.nicolaspurling.com

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