Lecturer in Critical Digital Media Practice

Current Teaching

SOCL210 Virtual Cultures

Keeping technological sovereignty: The case of Internet Relay Chat
Maxigas 29/12/2018 In: Technological Sovereignty. Barcelona : Ritimo Foundation p. 67-81. 14 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Mantener la soberanía tecnológica: El caso del Internet Relay Chat
Maxigas 29/12/2018 In: Soberanía Tecnológica. Barcelona : Ritimo Foundation
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Garder la souveraineté technologique: Le cas de l'Internet Relay Chat
Maxigas 3/02/2018 In: La Souveraineté Technologique. Barcelona : Ritimo Foundation p. 61-76. 16 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Module 3: Sensing Infrastructures: Insights and prospects for future research
Maxigas 23/01/2018
Conference paper

Peer production of open hardware: unfinished artefacts and architectures in the hackerspaces
Maxigas, . 2015 Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. 428 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Hacklabs and hackerspaces: Tracing two genealogies
Maxigas 07/2012 In: Journal of Peer Production. 2
Journal article