Dr Susie Balderston

Research Fellow

Research Overview

Specialises in tackling rape, violence against women, disablist hate crime, deaths in detention and institutional abuse against disabled people.

Disciplines: Victimology, criminology (ethics and jurisprudence - end of life and rape), sociology, disability studies (health and social care).

Affiliated to the Centres for Violence and Society, Crime, Law and Justice, Centre for Disability Research and UNESCO Gender Research Group at Lancaster University.

Contract research: Currently leading the 'Victim-Centred' strand of a Review of Anti-Trafficking work (as part of a European Study led by Sylvia Walby). This includes services for women trafficked for sexual exploitation, justice, compensation, prevention and reintegration into society. Evaluating the impact of two voluntary sector, three year projects (a women's drug and sex work intervention service and advice work after gendered violence). Ongoing research: tackling rape and preventable deaths in detention and institutions, disablist hate crime and assisted suicide.

The concept and measurement of violence against women and men
Walby, S., Towers, J., Balderston, S., Corradi, C., Francis, B.J., Heiskanen, M., Helweg-Larsen, K., Mergaert, L., Olive, P., Palmer, C.E., Stockl, H., Strid, S. 14/02/2017 Policy Press. ISBN: 9781447332633.

Study on comprehensive policy review of anti-trafficking projects funded by the European Commission: HOME/2014/ISFP/PR/THBX/0052
Walby, S., Towers, J., Francis, B.J., Shire, K., Kelly, L., Apitzsch, B., Armstrong, J.E., Balderston, S., Fish, A.R., Hardaker, C., Kirby, S., May-Chahal, C.A., Palmer, C.E. 17/10/2016 Publications Office of the European Union. 106 p.
Commissioned report

Study on the gender dimension of trafficking in human beings
Walby, S., Apitzsch, B., Armstrong, J.E., Balderston, S., Szmagalska-Follis, K., Francis, B.J., Kelly, L., May-Chahal, C.A., Rashid, A., Shire, K., Towers, J., Tunte, M. 16/03/2016
Other contribution

Safer restraint: evaluation summary report
Hannah Morgan 5/10/2015 Vision Sense. 24 p.
Commissioned report

Access to support services and protection for disabled women who have experienced violence: results and recommendations for service providers and policy makers
Shah, S., Balderston, S., Woodin, S. 4/04/2015 Ludwig Boltzmann Institut. 16 p.
Commissioned report

Violence and abuse: What Can I Do?: Information for disabled or Deaf women
Shah, S., Balderston, S., Woodin, S. 4/04/2015
Other contribution

Victimized again?: intersectionality and injustice in disabled women's lives after hate crime and rape
Balderston, S. 2013 In: Gendered perspectives on conflict and violence. Emerald p. 17-51. 35 p. ISBN: 9781783501106. Electronic ISBN: 9781783501113.

Vision sense case study
Balderston, S. 12/2012 In: Disabled people’s user-led organisations making a difference. London : Department of Work and Pensions p. 12-14. 3 p. ISBN: 9781781532638.

After disablist hate crime: which interventions really work to resist victimhood and build resilience with survivors?
Balderston, S. 06/2012 In: Disability, hate crime and violence. London : Routledge p. 177-192. 16 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Between hate and vulnerability: unpacking the British criminal justice system’s construction of disablist hate crime
Roulstone, A., Thomas, P., Balderston, S. 05/2011 In: Disability and Society. 26, 3, p. 351-364. 14 p.
Journal article

Empowering people to tackle hate crime: Trans women and disabled people working together with victim services in North East England
Balderston, S., Roebuck, E. 04/2010 Equality and Human Rights Commission. 65 p.
Commissioned report