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Demand Seminar: Jenny Rinkinen; Stacking wood and staying warm: Temporal organization of domestic heating practices

Date: 16 April 2014 Time: 4.00-6.00 pm

Venue: County South, D Floor, Meeting Room 11 (D72)

Stacking wood and staying warm: Temporal organization of domestic heating practices

The infrastructures of heat provision most often strive for invisible, fluent and convenient service provision. This view can be contested by asking how, why and when the demand for domestic heat is flexible. In this seminar, I present the practice of wood-heating as an example of flexible and rather inconvenient form of heat provision that nevertheless succeeds to be appealing and viable. The viability of the practice can be interestingly unpacked, first, by considering the temporal organization of the practice, such as its sequential and cyclic nature and synchronization with other practices, and second, by assessing the performance of the infrastructure in relation to disruptions. It is shown that the practice of wood-heating opens up interesting viewpoints on the flexibility of demand, which in this case can be thought of as part of successful synchronization and ingrained flexibility of the infrastructure.

Jenny Rinkinen is visiting the Demand Centre at Lancaster University until Summer 2014. She is a PhD student at the Aalto University School of Business, Organization and Management, in Helsinki, Finland. Her research focuses on time, temporality and housework around domestic heating systems, with particular interest in the different temporal dimensions (e.g. seasonal, rhythmical, sequential) of wood heating. During her visit to Demand, Jenny will focus on how practices and technologies get layered and synchronized over time and how it links to the organization of heating practices relevant for distributed energy production.


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