Mike Roberts mug shotWelcome to my web pages. In them, you can find out about me, my lab, and the research that we perform within the Lancaster Environment Centre.

The Group

sampleI am involved in the supervision of several funded research projects which include technical staff, post-doctoral research associates and PhD students.

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Our Research

sampleOur research is centred around understanding plant responses to stress. I have a strong interest in understanding the fundamental processes underlying plant resistance against environmental stress, but also in applying this knowledge to crop protection solutions.

Mike Roberts' Plant Stress Biology Group

leafWelcome to my personal web pages, which provide detail on the research activities going on in my laboratory in Lancaster. These pages reflect the current focus of my researtch, which is long-term priming of plant defence. Some of my much older web pages, covering my now moth-balled work on 14-3-3 proteins are still here in their original state. I won't be doing any updates on those, but the rest is all new, and I'll try and refresh content as and when needed.

LEC logoThe Roberts group contributes to the Plant and Crop Science research area within our home Department, the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC).



NewsJoin us at the N8 AgriFood annual conference on Food Production for the Future: Generating nutritious foods from resilient & sustainable agricultural systems, where Mike will be speaking. 11-13 July 2017 in the wonderful city of Durham. See the website for further details, or to register.

March 2017: Our new paper on herbivore-mediated effects on seed dormancy features on the GARNet Arabidopsis Research Roundup, including an audio description of the paper by Mike on the GARNet YouTube channel.

December 2016: Mike has just popsted his first blog for the Global Plant Council. It follows his talk on translational biology at the 2016 GARNet meeting in June. You can read it here.

September 2016: Raúl Alvarez-Venegas has joined the group for a year to carry out research on the epigeentic mechnaisms of seed priming treatments. Raúl is here on sabbatical from his main position as a group leader in the Chromatin and Epigenetics Laboratory at Cinevestav in Mexico.