The Internet of Public Safety Things: Use Cases


Published by Harriet Phipps

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

The isITethical team are bringing creative ethical impact into innovation and the Internet of Public Safety Things.  The Internet of Public Safety Things: Use Cases Workshop will take place on 4th December 2018.

From the workshop description:

The workshop aims to collaboratively map rhythms of PPDR work, data needs and data flows, practices of sense-making, collaboration, and communication in PPDR and explore innovative responses to ethical, legal, and social opportunities and challenges with attention to three questions:

  • How is data about all manner of things currently collected, accessed, kept, shared and repurposed by the actors involved in PPDR and in collaboration amongst them?
  • How would capacities for risk assessment, preparedness, response, and recovery transform with more dynamic and fine-grained data and incorporation, privacy preserving techniques, support for trust, accountability, security?
  • What are benefits and obstacles in current and speculative use of public safety things in terms of privacy, trust and interoperability?

It will be a creative, interactive workshop. We will showcase available technologies, and use your expertise and experience to discuss current challenges in your work, both in terms of process and technology, as well as the potential and challenges of IoT to support better PPDR in practice.

We will ask  isITethical? and fold discussion of key ethical issues, such as trust, social sorting, respect, accountability with the participants and drive creative pro-active ethics through design. To find out more about the workshop and register, see here.


Image Source: Adafruit Industries

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