Cemore’s Social Design Intern DecarboN8


Published by Harriet Phipps

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

CeMoRe’s project DecarboN8 has recently gained a new intern performing the role of “Social Design Intern DecarboN8 Societal Readiness Assessment e-Learning Platform”. Lauren Cross, a Lancaster University graduate of Media and Cultural studies with a minor in Sociology will be working with the centre for 3 months and discusses her interests and work so far below; we look forward to working with her on an exciting project:   

I have been a Lancaster university undergraduate for the past three years, working towards my bachelors in Media and Cultural Studies. As a third year I completed my dissertation titled ‘It’s all your fault? A discourse analysis on narratives on of personal responsibility in the mitigation of climate change within British newspapers’ earlier this year. This project was heavily focused on mobility, and particularly the introduction of electric vehicles as a primary mobility method in fighting climate change and the controversies surrounding this.

Since joining the team working on Societal Readiness Levels as an intern I have been learning, catching up and familiarising myself with the ideas central to the work being done. My role is focused primarily on building a prototype of the interactive e-learning platform, compiling all of work the team has done thus far. Throughout my time as an intern I will also be writing a paper on the work I have been doing, what I have learnt and what I have gained through being on this team. Along with these tasks my role includes assisting the team with tasks and supporting them through the organising and conducting of the SRL work at the DecarboN8 conference taking place in September.

Click here for more information on the DecarboN8 project.




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