The Mobilities.Lab is a hub for the interdisciplinary study of mobilities in contemporary societies. It is part of Cemore, with a distinctive group of scholars from a variety of disciplines – sociology, fine art, geography, design, health and medicine, and computing.

A list of our equipment can be seen on our Equipment page, where you can also follow the link to book through the online SiSo system. If you are not LICA or CeMoRe staff, you can message Jen Southern at or asking to borrow equipment and letting us know the following details:

  • What equipment you’d like to borrow
  • Dates you’d like to borrow the equipment
  • Date and time you can pick up and drop off equipment
  • The purpose of using equipment
  • Whether you’d like to write a short blog post showing how the equipment was used in your research/ project.

The mobilities.lab provides methodological innovation, equipment and space for researchers. Its members develop mobile methods to explore practices and implications of mobilities, immobilities and blocked movements of people, objects, information, ideas in contemporary life and to fold scholarly insight into critique and innovation.

Individuals and teams use mobilities lab to undertake original research, in funded projects, small in-house projects and to explore ideas that would lead to funding bids for research projects. The equipment and lab space are available to colleagues and, under appropriate supervision, to students from any department within Lancaster University.