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As an interdisciplinary research centre, Cemore engages with art practice in a variety of ways. It works in collaboration with LICA to facilitate and support practice based research and art exploring mobilities. The centre has hosted PhDs and post-doctoral research projects, workshops, exhibitions and fellowships for artists. We work closely with a variety of Fine Art practices at Lancaster, including Insight and a range of courses, and through mobilities lab provide equipment to staff, researchers and students for creative projects across the university. If you have a project or PhD proposal that might benefit by being supported by the Centre, please get in touch.

By Duddon’s Side with Nikki Pugh 27 April 2017

Cemore Seminar: Standing in a cold river for an hour, nervous explorations underground, scrubbing a handmade kayak and listening to a waterfall from the inside: just some of the things artist Nikki Pugh found herself doing over the last few months as she investigated...

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Deep mapping the Duddon Valley

Artist Nikki Pugh has been awarded a Visiting Fellowship to help support a collaboration with Dr Christopher Donaldson (Lecturer in Regional History and Co-Investigator on the Leverhulme Trust-funded Geospatial Innovation in the Digital Humanities: A Deep Mapping of...

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Art Mobilities Field Trip

Experience Mobilities of Memory: …, these sounds give way to fragments of stories from the men in the trenches; a stilted marriage proposal, an enquiry about health, a thank you for kippers sent through the post, a description of daily conditions and accounts of the...

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Historical Mobilities

Are alternative ways of modelling the relationship between past, present and future in order to move historical and/or text-based mobilities research rather more to the centre?

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