Art and Mobilities

Cemore collaborates with Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts on a Mobilities and Art research focus. Our researchers, visiting fellows and post-doctoral scholars do interdisciplinary practice-based research at the intersection of art and mobilities and engage in walking seminars, workshops, symposia and exhibitions.

We have five key approaches to this field:

  • to support the development of experimental and performative interventions through art practice
  • to investigate the intersections between art practice and mobile methods
  • to include artists as collaborators and instigators in mobilities research projects
  • to include exhibitions of art practice in conferences and seminars
  • to encourage dialogue between artists around their contribution to mobilities studies

Through socially engaged, participatory and digital art we aim to engage with how sensory mobilities, practical making, exploration and navigation contribute to shaping the field.  The scope of our research is broad, encompassing everyday mobilities, socio-technical encounters with mobile technologies, virtual mobilities and game spaces, locative media, migration, health and wellbeing, and environmental change.

Through the Art & Mobilities network we seek to develop connections to other researchers and organisations in order to develop research into the histories of mobilities in art practice, theories of mobile art, mobile research methods, aesthetics of mobility, and the contribution that art can make to mobility and social change.

We also support art and mobilities practice through  mobilities.lab equipment loans for research and exhibitions.

Events and Exhibitions

2018 Art and Mobilities Network Symposium
2017 Mobile Utopia Exhibition
2017 Deep Mapping the Duddon Valley
2016 Situated Composition Workshop
2016 Echoes and Reflections
2015 Making Mobilities
2015 Where the Sky Widens
2013 Mobility Futures Exhibition

Cemore Fellowships

2018 Kai Syng Tan
2017 & 2015 Nikki Pugh
2016 Owen Chapman
2015 Trica Flanagan

Post-doctoral Researcher

2014-2016 Sam Thulin

Artist Associates

Emily Trowell, Katie Usher, Georgina Watson

Im|Mobilities: Call for Artworks

Call for artworks for Art & Mobilities Exhibition at: Im|mobile lives in turbulent times: Methods and Practices of Mobilities Research conference. Thursday July 9th and Friday July 10th 2020, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.   Im|mobile lives...

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Art and Mobilities: creative possibilities

    I was lucky enough to be a 2017-2018 Centre for Mobilities Research CEMORE Visiting Fellow, Lancaster University. I worked closely with the Director of Mobilities Lab Dr Jen Southern, as well as Professor Emma Rose and Dr Linda O Keefe of the Lancaster...

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Art & Mobilities Network Symposium

Over the past 10 years the study and practice of Art & Mobilities has been gaining momentum through networks, conferences, books, special issues, exhibitions and in the practices of artists, writers and curators. In recognition of this activity we are forming an...

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Mobile Utopia Exhibition

This exhibition of 13 international artists, curated by Jen Southern, Emma Rose and Linda O Keeffe, is part of the conference Mobile Utopia: Pasts, Presents, Futures at the Lancaster House Hotel from 2nd-5th November 2017. The exhibition includes works in a diverse...

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CeMoRe walking seminar

My residency exploring the Duddon is part funded by the Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University, and as part of my visiting fellowship with them I instigated a walk around an area of the Dunnerdale Fells.   Below are a selection of photos from the...

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By Duddon’s Side with Nikki Pugh 27 April 2017

Cemore Seminar: Standing in a cold river for an hour, nervous explorations underground, scrubbing a handmade kayak and listening to a waterfall from the inside: just some of the things artist Nikki Pugh found herself doing over the last few months as she investigated...

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