NoWHere: Futures of Collaboration


Published by Harriet Phipps

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

To experiment with futures of collaboration, the NowHere project team are running a ‘no-fly’ workshop. On 27th March 2017, Monika Buscher, Andrew Glover, Tania Lewis and Yolanda Strengers at RMIT in Melbourne (16:00) will start the workshop with James Faulconbridge, Katrina Petersen, Roger Whitham and Dee Hennessy in Lancaster. The purpose of the workshop is threefold:

  • To experiment with EREI (equally remote, equally invested) collaboration methods
  • To draw up a call for a no-fly conference on Futures of Collaborative Work
  • To develop two sister research project proposals

Monika will also be giving a talk on Mobile Work | Mobile Methods:



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