Cemore is a hub for transdisciplinary research on all things (im)mobile. We offer social science-based education focused on complex contemporary challenges and opportunities.

Through our links with Sociology, Lancaster’s Institute for Contemporary Art, the Management School, Environment Centre, Institute for Social Futures, English and Creative Writing, Lancaster Medical School and more widely across the university, we provide a range of opportunities to study with us at undergraduate, master, doctoral and postdoctoral level. We offer some mobilities specific courses, supervision, and internships.

The staff associated with Cemore are research leaders on a range of issues, from microbiological and viral mobilities to financial and data mobilities, migration, tourism, literary and humanities-focused perspectives, and planetary environmental impacts of the mobile Anthropocene. In lectures, seminars, reading groups and more experimental creative interactions, our students develop skills of rigorous research, critical analysis, and creative enquiry, and gain knowledge and experience to take on leadership roles in scholarly, public and private sectors.