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Seminars and Conferences

At the heart of CPERC activities are regular meetings both within the Lancaster academic community and beyond where innovative research on cultural political economy matters is presented and discussed. The below list gives a selective overview over the themes that have been raised in seminars and conferences hosted by CPERC or its predecessor, the cultural political economy research cluster at the Institute for Advanced Studies.



1-2 November 2012: Never Waste a Crisis. Strategies of Representing and Managing Crisis after the Crash, Midland Hotel Morecambe

Conference organised in the frames of the project "Great Transformations. A Cultural Political Economy of Crisis Management" as part of Bob Jessop's ESRC professorial fellowship

The North Atlantic Financial Crisis that surfaced in 2007/08 and subsequent efforts at crisis management have produced unstable constellations. Whereas the financial sector has been rescued with large injections of capital but minor structural adjustments, the symptoms in many economies of “epic recession” and fiscal crisis remain. Among political and economic elites, such finance-centred crisis management remains largely unchallenged. At the same time, the economic and social costs of the austerity packages and of a finance-dominated economy more generally have spurred contestation from various quarters.

The conference on “Strategies of Representing and Managing Crisis after the Crash” seeks to explore the politics (broadly interpreted) of this unstable constellation. Papers will review different agents’ strategies of tackling the North Atlantic Financial Crisis through discursive construction, contestation, and policy-making. They highlight the discursive and semiotic of economic and political processes or situate the analysis of crisis discourse in broader questions of political economy.

Download the final programme

The call for papers and the registration is closed now. For further information please contact Amelie Kutter at a.kutter[at]

Download the full call.


12 July 2012: On Debt. CPERC Annual Workshop, Lancaster University.

This year's CPERC Annual Workshop focussed on Debt in all its guises, roles, aspects and implications. The aim of the workshop was to develop a critical understanding of debt in contemporary economy and society. It brought together speakers from different disciplines who addressed a range of topics including conceptions and the political economy of debt, debt in relation to the current crisis, the financialisation of everyday life, and the moral economy of debt. Below you will find the full programme and selected powerpoints for download. Please contact the director of the workshop Andrew Sayer at a.sayer[at] for further information.

2012 Annual CPERC Workshop Programm

Mary Mellor (Northumbria University) 'Misunderstanding debt'

Andrew Sayer (Lancaster University) 'We need to talk about usury'

Michael Kraetke (Lancaster University) 'Political economy of debt'

Johnna Montgomerie (CRESC, University of Manchester) 'The debt safety-net: an everyday politics of household finances'

David Tyfield (Lancaster University) ‘Innovation and debt’

Bob Jessop (Lancaster University) ‘Money, debt and credit’


8 February 2012: Capital, Class, and Crisis: Reflections on South Corea and the United Kingdom. CPERC Meeting

Venue: Bowland North, Seminar Room 8

Time: 1:30-5:00

Session One, 1.30-3.00
'A Tale of Two Crises: the Asian Crisis in Korea, 1997-2001, and the North Atlantic Crisis in the UK, 2007-2012' – Dr Joo-Hyoung JI (Institute of Social Science, Sugang) and Prof. Bob Jessop (Sociology)
Discussant: Dr Ngai-Ling Sum (PPR)

Session Two, 3.30-5.00
'The Transnational Capitalist Class and the Financialization of South Korea’ - Prof. Jinho JANG (Global Political Economy Research Institute, Seoul)
Discussant: Mathis Heinrich (Sociology)

Download the programme (pdf document)



May 5th: 'Triple Crisis'. Annual CPERC Workshop. Fylde College C 34, Lancaster University, 10am - 3:45pm. For more information download the programme (pdf document).


June 14th: 'Imaginaries'. Annual CPERC Workshop, including presentations by Tim Dant on moral imaginaries, Ralph Guth on catch-up imaginaries, Anthony Hesketh on strategic imaginaries, Bob Jessop on crisis imaginaries, Larry Reynolds on sustainability imaginaries, and Ngai-Ling Sum on BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India China) Imaginaries.


July 27th: 'Foucault and Critical Realism: Marx, Gramsci and Foucault'

January 8th:

Workshop 'The Cultural Political Economy of Crisis', Lancaster University


July 2-3rd: IAS Summer School 'Critical Discourse Analysis and Social Research' run by Norman Fairclough, Bob Jessop, Ngai-Ling Sum and Ruth Wodak. From over 120 applicants, 44 candidates were chosen.

January 18th: Workshop 'Foucault and Critical Realism: Ontological and Epistemological Issues' Download Foucault and Critical Realism report 1 (pdf)


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