The Crotone Group and the Historical Calendar

During one of the workshops CUIDAR participants from Crotone in the Calabria region have created an Historical Calendar of disasters and emergencies which occurred in their community. To begin, participants were divided into small groups and shared what they knew about emergency events, disasters and other locally disruptive transformations that occurred in their city (Picture 1 and 2).

In a second phase, participants met some ‘senior’ representatives of their community, who shared their historical memory and the emergency situations or disasters they witnessed over the years, complementing the work done by the group. One of them reported he had been evacuated twice because of flooding in the city, while the other guest told the group about the increasing trend of migrant arrivals and his role as founder of the first migrant reception centre in town (Picture 3).

Finally participants put all this information together in order to build a shared Historical Calendar and to be more aware about the recurrence of disasters and better understand all the risks present in their locality (Picture 4).

At the end of the workshop participants expressed their thoughts about what they had learned so far, such as the presence of toxic waste in the basement of the primary school that most of the adolescents attended; the fact that a neighbourhood, where one of the participants lives was built after a major flood to house the displaced population. Participants then reflected on the ‘unnatural’ causes of the droughts that plague the city.

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