CUIDAR Framework Report

The CUIDAR Framework report front cover. A small white booklet with the 4 CUIDAR logo pictures (clockwise from top left: volcano, earthquake, storm and wave) prominent on the page. Below it are written 'CUIDAR Cultures of Disaster Resilience among children and young people' in blue. Below this are written the words 'A child-centred disaster management framework for Europe. Produced by the EU Horizon 2020 project. CUIDAR: Cultures of Disaster Resilience among Children and Young People. The Twitter handle @CUIDARProject. the life of the CUIDAR project Europe has seen major disasters, including the earthquakes in Central Italy where there was heavy loss of life in Amatrice, the traumatic Grenfell Tower fire in West London, the devastating forest and wildfires in Portugal and the deadly flash floods on the outskirts of Athens. These come against the backdrop of the war and climate change-related migrant crisis and the arrival of huge numbers of refugees into Europe.

In CUIDAR, we’ve worked with two versions of ‘culture’. First, we regard children themselves as a cultural group, by virtue of being disenfranchised from emergency planning matters, which in turn gives children a particular perspective on disaster. Second, ‘childhood’ itself is often universalised, yet of course, children embody all the cultural differences and diversity found in society as a whole.

We believe that this Framework will be a positive and constructive addition both to the European Commission’s wider Secure Societies project, and to the domain of disaster management and risk reduction generally. Your response to this Framework is invaluable to CUIDAR and to the communities with which we have engaged, and vital in order to create culturally sensitive disaster planning in a changing and increasingly diverse Europe.

Download the CUIDAR Framework Report.