CUIDAR Framework Box

The final outcome of the CUIDAR project has been to create a child-centred disaster management framework for policy and practice in Europe. We have developed a set of Framework tools and resources that encourage you to watch, learn and act.

To find out what’s in the box, watch our short film!

The Framework Box contains:

  • The CUIDAR pen and memory stick containing the project film and other materials.
  • The interactive project leaflet, summarising the key messages from the report. An audio version of the leaflet is available on the CUIDAR memory stick.
  • A Braille version of the project leaflet.
  • A picture of the brown and white framework box held open. The box contains the project leaflet, the leaflet in Braille, the CUIDAR pen and memory stick, the project report and the postcardThe CUIDAR Framework report.
  • An insert to the report of Framework Stories. These stories highlight changes made by policymakers and practitioners following dialogue with the young people.
  • A postcard on which delegates who attended the CUIDAR Finale event in Lisbon in May 2018 were invited tyo write a pledge of action in response to the Framework recommendations. These pledges are being shared with the young people across Europe who took part in the CUIDAR project.