2A team of researchers in the University of Thessaly (UTH) are running workshops which include dialogues with children on their perceptions of disaster risk and resilience. We work with children with sensory disabilities including children who are deaf or hard of hearing and children with visual disabilities as well as children without disabilities, who attend different grades in general and special primary educational settings located in three different cities in Greece: Thessaloniki, Volos and Athens.

The workshops take place once or twice per week for around three months. However, the first workshop lasted for eight months and the key findings of this workshop have been published in the 6th International Disaster and Risk Conference that took place in August in Davos (28th August-1st September 2016).

12The workshops are organised as following: preliminary meetings take place between the members of the team who plan and run the workshop; team members usually include one or two teachers, one or two researchers and the coordinator. During these meetings we discuss the content of the workshops in order to address the objectives of CUIDAR project, the ethical issues and to ensure the inclusion of children with sensory disabilities. During the workshops the team meets every week to reflect on the workshop that was conducted and to discuss the content of the next workshop.