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Laurie Gayle & Kelsey Smith, UK

Children all across the world may need support during emergencies, and this includes children in the UK. Through our UK Emergencies Programme we work to ensure that every child has their needs met at every stage of an emergency.

In the UK, our vision is of a nation in which every child has a decent, happy childhood and the chance to achieve their potential.  Every child has the right to a good start and a fair chance in life. In the UK, one in four children live in poverty, while two in five children are unable to read well.  In response, our UK programmes intervene early and aim to break the cycle of poverty.  For families that struggle to provide the basic essentials for their children, we know the cost of an emergency is too great.  Emergencies disrupt every aspect of a child’s daily life from their education to family relationships, and for children from poor families, these problems are exacerbated. To ensure that children and families get support when they need it most, our UK Emergencies Programme helps families prepare for and recover from emergencies.

Save the Children UK will lead in collaboration with Save the Children Italy on work package 4:

  • Work package 4 will design participatory formats with children and advise partners on ways in which they can best use these formats. All partners will carry out the learning events and report to Save the Children UK who will collate the outcomes.