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2003 Conference Archive
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Presenters and Abstracts

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Name Presentation Title
Simone Aspis
Shaping our Lives National User Network
A key issue for the future: relating disability studies to the diversity of disabled people
Andrew Azzopardi
Understanding disability politics in Malta: new directions explored
Sharon Barnartt
Gallaudet University, Washington, DC, USA
Characteristics of disability protests around the world 1969 - present
Colin Barnes (Plenary Speaker)
Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds
Disability studies: what's the point?
Peter Burke
Department of Social Work, University of Hull
Brothers and sisters of children with disabilities: Disability by association
Clare Connors
Centre for Applied Social Studies, University of Durham
Barriers to 'being': the psycho-emotional dimension of disability in the lives of disabled children
Victoria Eathorne, Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust Supporting health care students with disability in the clinical environment
Sally French
King Alfred’s College of Higher Education in Winchester
Neglected voices in disability studies: the case of older visually impaired people
Natalia Gerodetti
University of Lausanne
"Disabling" femininities and eugenics: sexuality, disability and citizenship in modern Switzerland
Dan Goodley
Inclusive Education and Equality Research Centre, University of Sheffield
Structures, social constructions and stories: the debate thus far
Dan Goodley
Inclusive Education and Equality Research Centre, University of Sheffield
De/constructing 'learning difficulties' in educational contexts
Jennifer Harris (Plenary Speaker)
Social Policy Research Unit, University of York
Ostrich politics: exploring the place of social care in disability studies
Peter Hick
University of Manchester
Learning and teaching together: working in partnership with people with learning difficulties on a new BA programme
Richard A. Ingram
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
"You're not making sense": psychiatrization and internal exile
Sarah James
Essex Social Services
Social model in practice?
Lesley Jordan
Middlesex University
Barriers and enablers to work: stroke survivors' and employers' experiences
Amit Kama
The Open University of Israel
The coveted positioning on the human axis: disabled persons' experiences with their representations
G. N. Karna
School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Disability studies in India: emerging issues and trends
Devva Kasnitz
University of California, Berkeley
A sociocultural model of impairment-disability
Kate Kaul
York University in Toronto, Canada
Figuring disability
Gwynnyth Llewellyn
University of Sydney, Australia
At risk of homelessness: disabling discourse and practices with families of disabled children
Janice McLaughlin
Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Newcastle
Screening networks: shared agendas in feminist and disability movement challenges to antenatal screening and abortion
Osamu Nagase
University of Tokyo
"Aoi Shiba" and denial of love and justice
Hossein Nahvinejad Performance of community-based rehabilitation planning (CBR) in rural areas of Iran
Mary-Ann O'Donovan
Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street
Advertising ideology and the social process of disability
Gill Parkinson
Educational Support and Inclusion Research and Teaching Group, University of Manchester
'Access to work' - enabling or disabling individuals with disabilities in employment: an autobiographical case study
Mark Priestley
Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds
Disability, generation and the life course
Donna Reeve
Department of Applied Social Science, Lancaster University
'Encounters with strangers': psycho-emotional dimensions of disability in everyday life
Sara Ryan
School of Social Studies, University of Warwick
"I'm sorry, she's special needs": explaining learning disabilities in public encounters
Sonali Shah
Social Policy, Nottingham University
The mark of childhood on disabled professionals
Tom Shakespeare
PEALS, Bioscience Centre
Culling the sacred cows: from disability slogans to disability studies
Russell Shuttleworth
Human Sexuality Studies Program, San Francisco State University
The case for a focus on sexual access in a critical approach to disability and sexuality research
Inge Storgaard Bonfils
Center for Ligebehandling af Handicappede
Co-operation and corporative structures in Danish disability policy
Carol Thomas (Plenary Speaker)
Institute for Health Research, Lancaster University
Defining a theoretical agenda for disability studies
Rannveig Traustadottir
University of Iceland
Gender and disability research in the Nordic countries
Claire Tregaskis
Inclusive Education and Equality Research Centre, University of Sheffield
Applying the social model in practice: some lessons from countryside recreation
Jan Walmsley
School of Health and Social Welfare, The Open University
Inclusive learning disability research: the (non disabled) researcher's role
Mitzi Waltz
School of Arts Design Media and Culture, University of Sunderland
Reading case studies of people with autistic spectrum disorders: a cultural and media studies approach to issues of disability representation
Richard Wistow
University of Durham
A profile of employment officers for disabled people
Brian Woods
Science and Technology Studies Unit, Department of Sociology, University of York
Power to independence: a historical glimpse at the interactions between powered wheelchairs and the physically disabled students program at Berkeley
Gerry Zarb (Plenary Speaker)
Disability Rights Commission
Running out of steam? the impact of research on disability policy and the disability rights agenda
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