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4-6 September 2013, Lancaster University UK
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Call for Papers

Online Submission - all deadlines have now passed.

The conference theme

The conference will address all aspects of Mobilities research.

Mobilities research addresses not only the movement of people, objects, information, messages, risks and images through intersecting mobility-systems. It also explores the motivations, pleasures, pains and practices of stillness, of coordinating movement, blocking it, holding things in place, creating and maintaining social and material infrastructures.

Some likely past, present and future mobilities to be debated at the Conference include:

  • disasters
  • electric bikes
  • social networking
  • emergencies
  • military mobilities
  • experiences of being on the move
  • 4G
  • space tourism
  • climate change refugees
  • oil wars
  • gendered, aged and ethnic mobilities
  • ‘future mobile imaginaries’
  • citizen innovation
  • mobile art
  • mobile methods
  • food vs fuel 3D printing
  • Arctic mobilities slow travel
  • Chinese and Indian mobilities
  • high speed rail
  • and alternatives to corporeal travel

A key priority theme, reflecting current and urgent societal concerns, will be questions about limits to the expansion and sophistication of future Mobilities. Such questions mean considering if there are limits to mobility, what the limits are, and what consequences limits may have for people’s lives. It also means considering whether different mobilities might substitute for each other, whether this is likely or desirable, and how to design and bring about ‘good mobilities’ in a period of continued austerity?

Online Submission - all deadlines have now passed.


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