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4-6 September 2013, Lancaster University UK
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Many of our contributors have made their presentations available for you to view:

John Urry - Offshoring

Corelia Baibarac, - An 'Urban Spacebook'

Chiara Carrozza - Mobile scientists, migrant workers. The politics of
mobility in European research policy

Noel Cass & James Faulconbridge - Mobility (and) practices: identifying the ‘anchors’ of daily (travel) routines

Noel Cass & Katharina Manderscheid - From automobility to autonomobility: A sketch of a Utopian future

Tim Chatterton - Disruption: Inevitability, Opportunity, Necessity?

Murray Goulden & Robert Dingwall - Constructing Mobility Futures: The Case of HS2

Hans Jeekel - The Future of Car Mobility 2013-2030

Mark Johnson - The Contested Future of Space Tourism

Robin Kellermann, Massimo Moraglio, with Anna-Sophie Liebender, T.U. Berlin - Genealogy of the future: 50 years of threat scenarios for the European transport industry

Sven Kesselring - Mobile Urban Governance

Stephen Little & Frank Go - Life cycle migration: mobility, connectivity and development

Katharina Manderscheid - Mobile Inequalities

Johanna Meurer, Martin Stein & Gunnar Stevens, University Siegen - M o b i l e To g e t h e r : Designing ridesharingfutures for older adults“

Max Reichenbach - Future mobilities in freight transport – linking future mobility with aspects of competitiveness. First lessons learnt from the FP7 project FUTRE - with A. Papanikolaou, M. Boile, J. Bernardino, A. Condeço, J. Schippl, M. Krail

Max Reichenbach - Urban ropeways The unconventional as part of sustainable mobility - poster

Zeibeda Sattar (University of Sunderland), Nazia Ali (University of Bedfordshire) & Kevin Hannam (Leeds Met. University) - Ageing in a Diaspora: (Im) Mobilities of First Generation Pakistani Migrants in the United Kingdom

Gil Viry, University of Edinburgh and Emmanuel Ravalet, Urban Sociology Lab., EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland- How do family changes and high commuting interact? : Evidence from a two‐wave study in 4 European countries






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