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INTO EUROPE - Prepare for Modern English Exams
Series Editor: J. Charles Alderson

Katalin Fehérváryné H. - Karmen Piorn

This volume in the Into Europe series helps teachers and their students to improve their listening abilities in English, in order not only to prepare for modern European examinations but also to use English in real life.

The ability to understand people speaking in a foreign language is an essential skill in the modern world. Unlike more traditional tests, modern European examinations include listening tests which are based on authentic texts recorded from real life. This volume presents a wide variety of different texts and listening tasks which reflect the sorts of things that learners may encounter on such tests.

The practice tasks it includes were developed in accordance with modern European testing practice by test writers trained in modern testing techniques. The book is accompanied by two CDs that contain the recordings of the listening texts. Language teachers who have to test their students' listening abilities and those who wish to prepare their students for modern English examinations will both find this a valuable resource.

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