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Research Cluster 3 - Transferability of the Research

Research cluster three allowed the researchers to think more analytically about the transferability of Loweswater results and insights to other cases and contexts. The main objective was:

  • To assess the ‘transferability’ of the approach adopted, and to question whether bringing residents, institutions and researchers to work together through a new participatory forum could a) be beneficial; and b) be done elsewhere, and if so how, at what scales, and for what kinds of problems.

    To make this assessment the researchers needed to explore:

  • How participants of the new forum created in the ‘Understanding and Acting in Loweswater’ research (2007-2010) themselves reflected upon its achievements;
  • Whether what had been created could be taken up/promoted by larger institutions dealing with environmental and water quality  (we called this ‘vertical integration’ initially);
  • Whether what had been created could be transferred ‘laterally’ to other bottom-up groups.

Knowledge exchange activities also involved:

  • Networking with existing civil society institutions (in particular, with the Coniston and Crake Partnership, and the Shropshire AONB Partnership);
  • Collective writing and wide dissemination of a booklet produced by LCP participants about the Loweswater Care Project (LCP);
  • A Policy and Practice Note distributed widely among national agencies  and policy makers by RELU
  • Networking, holding events, and writing with other researchers
  • Creating  this website
  • Writing (mostly academic) papers and chapters focussed on communicating the design and practice of the LCP
  • Using the LCP itself as a forum/ mechanism that could showcase its own ways of working to visitors and interested parties.

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