Understanding and Activing Wtihin Loweswater: A community approach to cathment management
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Who's Who

This project was carried out by researchers, stakeholders and the community together. It was led by Lancaster University and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (Lancaster), and the core research team consisted of:

The researchers are:

Kenneth BellKenneth Bell: a farmer in Loweswater appointed as community researcher, working 1 day per week on the project



Judith TsouvalisDr Judith Tsouvalis: a human geographer, working full-time on the project

Contact: j.tsouvalis@lancaster.ac.uk

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Stephen MaberlyDr Stephen Maberly: an aquatic ecologist

Contact: scm@ceh.ac.uk

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Lisa NortonDr Lisa Norton: a terrestrial ecologist

Contact: lrn@ceh.ac.uk



Nigel WatsonDr Nigel Watson: a human geographer with expertise in catchment management

Contact: n.watson1@lancaster.ac.uk

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Claire WatertonDr Claire Waterton: a sociologist of science and the environment

Contact: c.waterton@lancaster.ac.uk

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Community stakeholders included:

  • Loweswater Parish Council
  • Loweswater residents
  • The farmers formerly comprising the Loweswater Improvement Project

Institutional stakeholders included:

  • The National Trust
  • The Lake District National Parks Authority
  • The Environment Agency
  • Rural Regeneration Cumbria
  • Rural Development Service
  • Catchment Sensitive Farming Initiative (Natural England)
  • The National Farmers Union

Lancaster University


Rural Economy and Land Use


Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

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