Ian_BW  Professor Ian Gregory (PI) – Digital Humanities, Geography, GIS

andrewhardie_s  Dr Andrew Hardie – Corpus Methodology, Linguistic Analysis

Amelia  Amelia Joulain – ERC Doctoral Research Student

paulrayson_s  Dr Paul Rayson – Corpus linguistics, NLP, Computer Science


Visiting Scholars & Associates

Paul_Atkinson Dr Paul Atkinson (University of Liverpool) – History

alistairbaron_s  Dr Alistair Baron (UCREL-Security, Lancaster) – NLP

davidcooper_s  Dr David Cooper (MMU) – Literary Geography

ChrisDonaldson  Dr Christopher Donaldson – Literary Geography

CJRupp  Dr C.J. Rupp – Language Technology, NLP, Corpus Engineering

homepage01 copy  Sarah Hastings (Mount Holyoke) – Visiting Scholar

patymurrieta_s  Dr Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Chester) – Spatial Analysis, GIS

Catherine_Porter  Dr Catherine Porter (University of Hull) – Geography and HGIS

robertschwartz_s  Professor Robert Schwartz (Mount Holyoke) – Visiting Scholar

homepage02  Eliza Skakel (Mount Holyoke) – Visiting Scholar

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