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 Ling 131: Language & Style

 Topic 8 - Discourse structure and point of view > Ideological viewpoint

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Session Overview
Discourse structure and point of view
Discourse structure of 1st and 3rd person novels
Being the author!
Different kinds of point of view
Linguistic indicators of point of view
Ideological viewpoint
Point of view in a more extended example
Point of view checksheet
Topic 8 'tool' summary
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Ideological viewpoint

On the 'Linguistic Indicators of Point of View' page we saw, through the examination of a small extract from D. H. Lawrence's story Fanny and Annie, that, in addition to spatial viewpoint, we could establish temporal, social and attitudinal viewpoint, all of which are signalled linguistically. We also pointed out someone's attitude is not merely individual, but is representative of a significant group of people, this kind of viewpoint is often described as being ideological in nature. This is particularly the case if the set of attitudes perceived behind what someone says or writes relates to socio-political matters. On this page we are going to explore attitudinal and ideological viewpoint in more detail.








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