The Politics of Unrecognised States
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Workshop: Making Sense of Unrecognized States in the International System

On 7 July 2009 a very successful workshop on unrecognised states was held at Lancaster University. This was the second in a series of two workshops co-organised by Dr Nina Caspersen, Dept of Politics, Lancaster University and Professor Gareth Stansfield from the University of Exeter. The first workshop was held at the University of Exeter on 6 March 2009.

Participants came from the UK, the US and Europe and presented papers relating to different aspects of unrecognised states and their place in the international system. These papers will be published as an edited volume with the title Making Sense of Unrecognised States in the International System


  • Matan Chorev (Harvard University), "Complex Terrains: Unrecognized States, Globalization and the International System"
  • Stacy Closson (Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars), "What do Unrecognized States tell us about Sovereignty?"
  • Nina Caspersen (Lancaster University), "States without Sovereignty: Imitating Democratic Statehood"
  • Kristin Bakke (Leiden University): "After the War Ends - Violence and Viability of Unrecognized States"
  • Pål Kolstø and Helge Blakkisrud (Oslo University and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs), "The (perceived) Danger of Unrecognized States"
  • Klejda Mulaj (University of Exeter)"International Actions and the Un/Making of Unrecognized States"
  • Antje Herrberg (Crisis Management Initiative), "Dialogue with Unrecognized States"