The Politics of Unrecognised States
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There are several useful websites for those interested in unrecognised states.
I will keep adding more as I come across them

Caucasus Reporting Service
International Crisis Group
Vreme News Digest

Media from unrecognised states:

Karabakh Open
Somaliland Times
Tiraspol Times

De facto authorities:

Abkhazia, president
Nagorno Karabakh, government
Nagorno Karabakh, president
Nortern Cyprus, information office
Somaliland, government
Somaliland, law
Tamil Eelam (2001-9)

Online articles and reports on unrecognised states:

Brian Whitmore, "Abkhazia and the Perils of Independence," RFE/RL, 19 June 2009
Elnur Aslanov, "Advice For Armenia On Resolving The Karabakh Dispute," RFE/RL, 9 June 2009
Robert Avetisyan, "Nagorno-Karabakh Must No Longer Be Barred From The Negotiating Table," RFE/RL, 14 July 2009
International Crisis Group, "Somaliland: Democratisation and Its Discontents" (Nairobi/Brussels, 2003)
Nicolae Popescu, "Democracy in Secessionism: Transnistria and Abkhazia's Domestic Policies"

More to follow..