The Politics of Unrecognised States
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Publications on unrecognised states:

Unrecognized States: The Struggle for Sovereignty in the Modern International System (Cambridge: Polity, 2012)Buy from Amazon

'Regimes and peace processes: Democratic (non)development in Armenia and Azerbaijan and its impact on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,'Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 2012, 45(1-2): 131-139 (special issue on post-Soviet de facto states, edited by Silvia von Steinsdorff)

''Standards before Status - Still Revelant?' The Analyticon (issue on Unrecognized States: International Standards and Status),March 2012.Link

'Democracy, Nationalism and (lack of) Sovereignty: The complex dynamics of democratisation in unrecognised states,'Nations and Nationalism, 2011 17(2): 337-356

'Third Party Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus,' In Non-Traditional Security Threats and Regional Cooperation in Southern Caucasus, Mustafa Aydin, ed. (Amsterdam; IOS Press, 2011)

'Engaging Unrecognised States in Conflict Resolution: An Opportunity or Challenge for the EU?'co-authored with Antje Herrberg Initiative for Peacebuilding and the Crisis Management Initiative, December 2010 Link

Unrecognized States in the International System, edited with Gareth Stansfield (London: Routledge, 2010). Order from Amazon

'States without Sovereignty: Imitating Democratic Statehood' In Unrecognized States in the International System,N. Caspersen and G. Stansfield, eds.

'Mounting Tensions over Nagorno Karabakh,'Central Asia - Caucasus Institute Analyst, 8 July 2010 Link

'Playing the Recognition Game: External Actors and De Facto States,' International Spectator, 2009, 44(4):21-34 (special issue on de facto states edited by Eiki Berg)

'Separatism and Democracy in the Caucasus' Survival 2008, 50(4): 113-136

'From Kosovo to Karabakh: International Responses to De Facto States' Südosteuropa 2008, 56(1): 58-83 (special issue: 'Comparing the Balkans' edited by Denisa Kostovicova).Link

Coming publications:

'After Kosovo: Renewed Independence Hopes in the Caucasus'(journal article)

Conference papers

'Third Party Conflict Resolution in the Caucasus,' Paper presented at the NATO-workshop, 'Non-Traditional Security Threats and Regional Cooperation in Southern Caucasus,' Istanbul, 22-24 October 2009

'States without Sovereignty,'Paper presented at the workshop 'Making Sense of Unrecognized States,' Lancaster University, 7 July 2009. Read more

'Rethinking Recognition Strategies in Nagorno Karabakh?'Paper presented at the 14th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, 23-25 April 2009

'Self-Determination vs. Democracy? Democratisation in De Facto States,' Paper presented at the 2008 ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco, 26-29 March 2008. Link

'Democratisation in Virtual States: A contradiction in terms?' Paper presented at the 1st Annual Durham International Affairs Conference, Durham University, 19 March 2008


'Missing peaces: Challenges and opportunities for engaging the breakaway regions,' Workshop organised by the Crisis Management Initiative and the Romanian Foreign Ministry: ‘Enhancing the role of civil society in building Black Sea regional security’, Bucharest, 10-11 July 2007

'Promoting democracy without international recognition,' Opening the World Order to de facto States (conference organised by UNPO), the European Parliament, Brussels, 15 May 2008. Read more

'Rethinking Recognition Strategies in Karabakh,' Civil Society Institute, Yerevan, Armenia, 12 November 2008

'The Politics of Unrecognised States,' World Affairs Public Lectures, Keele University, 11 December 2008

For a full list of my publications see my Lancaster University website