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Over the course of the project researchers were invited to deliver 50-minute papers. A total of thirty-six papers were given at five symposia and a three-day conference held at Lancaster University. Click for details of the first volume of collected essays from the Norman Edge Project, The Norman Expansion: Connections, Continuities and Contrasts eds. Keith J. Stringer and Andrew Jotischky (2013).

Conference title: Power and acculturation in the Norman World (15-17 December 2011).

Ewan Johnson (Lancaster), ' The Norman Edge Project: Overview and Conclusions'

David Bates (East Anglia), 'The Normans and Empire: Charles Homer Haskins, John Le Patourel, Rees Davis, and Beyond'

Matthew Strickland (Glasgow), 'Status, Display and Defence on the Welsh March, c.1067-1087: Reflections on the Great Tower at Chepstow, Gwent'

Judith Green (Edinburgh), 'The Norman Edge: North Britain'

Daniel Power (Swansea), 'Norman Identity and the Identity of Normandy, c.1000-1300'

Fiona Edmonds (Cambridge), 'The Persistence of Insular Personal Names on the Norman Edge in Middle Britain: A Case Study of Celtic Names'

Chris Lewis, 'The Norman Principality of Gwynedd'

Emma Cavell (Exeter), 'Women and Power through the Family: Charter Evidence from the Norman March of Wales'

Robin Frame (Durham), 'Ireland: Revisiting Identities on an 'English' Edge'

Cynthia Neville (Dalhousie), 'The King's Justice and the King's Peace in 'Anglo-Norman Era' Scotland'

Alex Metcalfe (Lancaster), 'Naming and Identity in Norman Italy'

Graham Loud (Leeds), 'When did Norman Italy cease to be 'Norman?'

Andrew Jotischky (Lancaster), 'Saints' Cults and Devotions on the Norman Edge: The Case of St Katherine of Alexandria'

Bill Aird (Edinburgh), 'The Norman Lordship of Conversano-Brindisi in Puglia'

Alan Murray (Leeds), Norman Identities in the Principality of Antioch, 1098-1219'

Peter Edbury (Cardiff), 'The Assises d'Antioche'

Symposium #5: Life on the Norman edge (14 December 2010)

Linsey Hunter (St Andrews) 'Afterlife on the Norman Edge: pro anima clauses, families and lordships in Norman Britain'

Lean Seoine Ni Chleirigh (Trinity College, Dublin) 'Gesta Normannorum ? The discussion of the Normans of southern Italy in the Latin chronicles of the First Crusade'

Max Lieberman (Zurich) 'State Formation and the March of Wales, c.1066-1300'

Matthew Strickland (Glasgow) 'Armies and warfare'

Symposium #4: Local boundaries and national frontiers of the Norman 'world' ( 10 July 2010)

Leonie Hicks (Southampton), 'Borders and frontiers in Norman Chronicles'

Ewan Johnson (Lancaster), 'Land boundaries and cultural contact in Southern Italy'

Denys Pringle (Cardiff), 'Castles and frontiers in the Latin East'

Angus Winchester (Lancaster), 'Territorial continuity at a local level? Early estate structures in Cumbria'

Sandy Grant (Lancaster), 'Boundaries and frontiers in Strathclyde and Lothian'

Symposium #3: Colonial mentalities (16 December 2009)

Hugh Doherty (Jesus College, Oxford), 'The Angevin kings and their officials. An imperial mentality?'

Robin Frame (Durham), 'Ireland after Henry II: revisiting identities on the ‘English’ edge'

Elisabeth van Houts (Emmanuel College, Cambridge), 'Intermarriage in eleventh-century England'

Andrew Jotischky (Lancaster), ‘Franks and “natives” in the Crusader States: the state of the question’ - to see this paper, click here.

Paul Oldfield (Manchester), 'Urban communities and the Normans, Southern Italy 1000-1200'

Symposium #2: Charters and the language of power (6 July 2009)

Jonathan Gledhill (Lancaster), 'Charter methodologies and state building in medieval Scotland'

Alex Metcalfe (Lancaster) 'The language of boundaries clauses in Norman Sicily'

John R. Davies (Glasgow) 'Charters and palaeography'

Symposium #1: Normannitas: approaches to understanding Norman identities (17-19 December 2008)

Marcus Bull (Bristol), 'Normannitas and ‘Frankishness’

Daniel Power (Swansea), 'Norman identity and the identity of Normandy c.1000-1200'

Graham Loud (Leeds), 'How Norman was Norman Italy (ancora una volta)?'

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