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Professor Keith Stringer (Principal Investigator: Southern Scotland and Northern England)

Professor Stringer works within the related fields of state-formation, landholding and the construction of identities in central medieval Britain. He has recently co-directed a collaborative Leverhulme-funded project on the liberties of North-East England. This resulted in the publication (with Mathew Holford) of Border Liberties and Loyalties in Medieval Britain and Loyalties: North-East England, 1200-1400 (Edinburgh, 2010). Other recent publications include:

Regesta Regnum Scottorum, vol. 3, The Acts of Alexander II, King of Scots, 1214-149 (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming)

'States, Liberties and Communities in Medieval Britain and Ireland (c.1100-1400', in M. Prestwich (ed.), Liberties and Loyalties in Medieval Britain and Ireland' (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2007)

Professor Andrew Jotischky (Co-Investigator: The Crusader States)

Professor Jotischky examines Latin-Greek interactions in the medieval Mediterranean. He is responsible for managing the RA's work on the crusader states and shares the administration of the project with Keith Stringer. He is also working on a joint project with Professor Bernard Hamilton (University of Nottingham) on Monasticism in the Crusader States. Recent Publications include:

'The Christians of Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulchre and the Origins of the First Crusade', Crusades 7 (2008), 35-57.

The Crusades (ed. with introduction) 4 vols. Critical Concepts in Historical Studies (London: Routledge, 2008)

Dr Alex Metcalfe (Co-Investigator: Southern Italy and Sicily)

Dr Metcalfe specialises in the administration of Norman Sicily and Arabic, Greek and Latin charters. Editor of the Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, he is currently working on the Arabic Documents of Norman Sicily Project at the KRC in Oxford. Dr Metcalfe also supervises the PhD student attached to the project. Recent Publications include:

The Muslims of Medieval Italy (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2009)

Dr Ewan Johnson (Research Associate: All Regions)

Dr Johnson completed his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr Liesbeth van Houts (Cambridge). His research focuses on the recovery of Norman identities through the close reading of narrative texts and the relationships between Normandy and the peripheries. He is currently preparing a book on Norman Identities after 1154. Recent publications include:

'Origin myths and the construction of medieval identities: Norman Chronicles 1000-1200', in R. Corradini, R. Meens, C. Possel and P. Shaw (eds), Texts and Identities in the Early Middle Ages, Forschungen zur Geschichte des Mittelalters, Bd. 13 (Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2005)

'The Process of Norman Exile into Italy', in L. Napran and E.M.C. van Houts (eds), Exile in the Middle Ages (Turnhout: Brepols, 2004)

Dr George Lincoln (attached PhD student)

George recently completed his PhD at Lancaster, supervised by Alex Metcalfe. His thesis was titled 'Settlements in Pre-Norman and Norman Sicily.

Dr Sarah Rose (Web Officer)

Sarah completed her doctoral thesis at Lancaster under the supervision of Professor Keith Stringer and Dr Alexander Grant. Her thesis examines landed society and lordship in the Honour of Pontefract, c.1086-1509.


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