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The 1652-1653 sections from Fox's Journal have been re-edited for this project from the manuscripts and 1694 edition. All three versions are different.
There are thus several paths through the Journal. The texts listed below can be read, in the original spelling:

          •   side by side with a modern-spelling version (manuscripts only)
          •   with images of the originals
          •   side by side with each of the other versions for the sake of comparison
          •   using the links in the text to call up images, maps, notes, biographies, and other information.

Go to 'The Text' of each version to access all this.

The Spence Manuscript (The ‘Long Journal’)

The Text
The Manuscript
Modern-Spelling Text
This Edition

London: Friends House, Library of the Society of Friends, MS Vols 376-77.
Dictated by Fox to his stepson-in-law Thomas Lower ?1675–8 (from fol. 11v).
Copies by several hands of relevant letters by Fox and others, often endorsed by Fox, interspersed throughout text.
Early part of narrative, up to mid-1647, missing.
Owned by Robert Spence from 1861, and bound in its present form in 1878.
Our name for the manuscript

The ‘Short Journal’

The Text
The Manuscript

London: Friends House, Library of the Society of Friends, MS Vol. 305.
Manuscript dictated 1664, at Swarthmoor Hall, probably to Henry Fell ‘Judge ffells clark’ (no relation).

The 1694 Edition (‘Ellwood’)

The Text
The Printed Edition.

Printed edition entitled A Journal or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences and Labour of Love in the Work of the Ministry of that Ancient, Eminent and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox ... edited by Thomas Ellwood (London: Thomas Northcott, 1694).
Text from 'Long Journal', some passages censored and otherwise altered.
Preface by William Penn, and testimony of other Friends.