Troubled Geographies:
A Spatial History of Religion and Society in Ireland

Ian N. Gregory, Niall A. Cunningham, C.D. Lloyd, Ian G. Shuttleworth and Paul S. Ell
Full text available from Indiana University Press
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1. Background
2. The Plantations
3. Pre-Famine Ireland
4. The Famine
5. Towards Partition
6. Partition & Civil War
7. Continuous division
8. Towards the Celtic Tiger
9. Northern Ireland, 1971-2001
10. Conflict & death

The research that produced this book was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council / Economic and Social Research Council's under grant AH/F008929/1 “Troubled Geographies: Two centuries of religious division in Ireland,” part of their Religion and Society Programme. It benefited from additional support from the British Academy under grant SG090803 “The Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 1871-2001.”

Our sincere thanks go to Mr. Malcolm Sutton for permission to use the Sutton Index of Deaths resulting from the Troubles in Northern Ireland and Dr. Martin Melaugh (CAIN, University of Ulster) for providing access to this dataset.

Our thanks go also to Elaine Yeates and others at the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis, Queen's University Belfast, and to Lucy Cunningham for additional work on these and related data sets.

Much of the census data used have been taken from: L.A. Clarkson, L. Kennedy, E.M. Crawford, & M.E. Dowling, Database of Irish Historical Statistics 1861-1911 [(computer file]) (Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive [distributor], November 1997, study number: 3579); and from M.W. Dowling, L.A. Clarkson, L. Kennedy, & E.M. Crawford, Database of Irish Historical Statistics: Census Material, 1901-1971 [(computer file)]. (Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive [distributor], May 1998, study number: 3542). Census data for the Republic of Ireland for 1981 to 2002 were provided by the Central Statistics Office, Ireland. Access to the grid square data for Northern Ireland were provided by the Census Office of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. Their use in this analysis benefited from Economic and Social Research Council grant RES-000-23-0478. Spatial data on Belfast’s peace lines were downloaded from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Office website.

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©Ian Gregory & Niall Cunningham, 2013