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Welcome to ICP!

Three students in St Mark's Square
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Are you an academic interested in residence abroad matters?

Are you a student whose university degree programme includes a period of residence abroad?
Oui? Lisez donc!     Ja?  Dann lesen Sie weiter!
S? Lea, por favor!    S? Continua a leggere!  Yes? Read on!

This site contains a wealth of information and material that has been collected and developed by the project team over three years, related to the intercultural aspects of UK students' experience of Residence Abroad in its broadest sense, and covering issues arising before, during and after the actual residence abroad.  

To find your way round the site, use the navigation menus on the left side of the pages or see the Site Index. (The red button on the navigation bar shows where you are. Unused links are red. Links turn grey when used.) The site has been developed to show both the way in which the project has carried out its work and the final results of that work.  For an overview of the results, see the ICP Outcomes section.

Students and teachers alike will be particularly interested in the accounts of students' experiences (from Lancaster, Central Lancashire and Sheffield Universities) in the searchable ICP: SARA database and in the two downloadable databases of Homerton student experiences (STEFE databases).

The databases can be explored directly and are a valuable resource both for students preparing themselves for Residence Abroad and for teachers looking for information on particular topics in order to create their own preparation materials.  

There are wide-ranging suggestions for ways of making use of the databases, suitable both for groups and for individuals doing self-study, under Databases and Learning Activities.  

Students interested in self-study are recommended to explore the SARA and STEFE databases, to look at the suggested Learning Activities and also to look at the sections on Quizzes and Intercultural Incidents.

Tutors interested in background reading are recommended to look in particular at the outcomes of  two of the project's sub-projects:   the report on Raising Intercultural Awareness in preparation for periods of residence abroad (downloadable as an RTF file, approx 210K). and the module Acquiring Intercultural Competence.

All material on this site is copyright protected. It may be single-copy down-loaded for private research use. Reproduction, in part or whole, of further copies for teaching/learning or other purposes requires the prior permission of the Director of the Interculture Project and, if a name is given, the cited author of the material concerned. No incorporation of material into another website is permitted. If quoted in research papers, ICP material should carry an acknowledgement of its source on these pages, and, if named here, its author.

For any enquiries or to comment on the website, contact us at

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The Interculture Project
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