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Latest ICP News


The report of the "Thinking Interculture" symposium on 6th March 2002 has been added. (updated 26/6/02)

The country-specific Interculture Quizzes, together with their suggested responses and commentary, are now available in full.  The section on Intercultural Incidents has been expanded. (updated 17/1/01)

The report of the "Researching Interculture" symposium on 8th March 2000 has been added. (updated 31/10/00)

Two evaluation reports on the project have been completed.  Murray Saunders' report focusses on what was experienced as a process by project participants rather than on the substantive content or quality of the project products.  This report is now downloadable as an RTF file, approx. 85K. 
Mike Byram's report focusses on the quality of the outcomes of the project and will be available soon. (updated 31/8/00)

The ICP Bibliography has been extensively revised and updated, and is now searchable online. (updated 31/8/00)

A new section of Learning Activities, Other Resources, has been added, containing references to learning activities which we have come across in the course of our research. (updated 17/8/00)

Final sub-project report , Integration of the Period of Residence Abroad and De-briefing, is now downloadable, approx. 435K. (updated 14/8/00)

Final report of the sub-project Student Teachers' perceptions of a European Teacher Project, entitled Towards an understanding of 'otherness' is now up on the web. (updated 14/8/00)

Full report of the sub-project, Acquiring Intercultural Competence, can now be  downloaded as an RTF file, approx. 138K.  See also Reports. (updated 14/8/00)

Learning ActivitiesNew Ideas  Outline of a written activity in which students list their concerns and expectations, together with a sample list of concerns identified.
(updated 12/8/00)

Quizzes: Suggested responses and commentary have been added to the samples of the country-specific Interculture Quizzes.  These are intended to stimulate and support discussion of the issues raised rather than indicate 'one correct answer'.
(updated 11/8/00)

Electronic Mailing Lists:  The subproject team at Sheffield University have reported on their 18 month trial of a Year Abroad mailing list.  The downloadable report (Word file, approx. 127K) gives guidelines on the establishment, use and maintenance of electronic mailing lists. (updated 12/7/00) 

The Learning Activities have had some New Ideas added to them. (updated 4/7/00)

A new moduleAcquiring Intercultural Competence, has been developed by the project team and full details are now on the site. (updated 3/7/00)

The Sheffield Diaries will soon be fully downloadable - most of them are available already. (updated 8/6/00)

The theoretical framework of the project is now included in the description of the project's background on the page ICP - a brief introduction  (updated 5/6/00)

The Sheffield Diaries, a range of Year Abroad logbooks developed by Tim Lewis and Ursula Stickler of the University of Sheffield as part of a sub-project on "Diaries as Learner Support During the Year Abroad" are now fully downloadable.  See Diaries. (updated 18/5/00)

The Learning Activities page is now live!  (updated 4/5/2000)

'Preparation and support of students on a period of residence abroad,
using an electronic mailing list'

Ursula Stickler and Tim W. Lewis (MLTC, University of Sheffield)
Download this paper as an RTF file (approx. 42K)

See also Conferences and Related Publications (updated 17/4/00)

Full details of the RAM workshops series in March/May 2000 are now available.  See RAM Workshops 2000 (updated 21/3/00)

A Site Index has been added to the site, which will help navigate the site. (updated 13/3/00)

Data Collection Statistics have been added to the Data Gathering page.
See Data Gathering (udpated 1/3/00)

Residence Abroad Matters (RAM), the collaborative umbrella of the three FDTL projects looking at Residence Abroad, now has its own website. Visit this site for details of the March - May 2000 series of workshops which will introduce and provide training in the use of the outcomes and products which have been developed during the course of the three projects. (updated 28/2/00)

Three new sub-projects are now under way.
See Sub-projects (udpated 1/2/00)

Sub-project report Raising Intercultural Awareness in preparation for periods of residence abroad can now be downloaded as an RTF file (approx 210K). (updated 31/1/00)
Download report.

A selection of sample questions from the Interculture Quizzes for France, Germany, Spain and Italy can be found under "ICP Outcomes" (updated 8/12/99)